Oct 10, 2010

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If I had to sum up my decor style by stores, I would describe my taste as Pottery Barn/West Elm/Crate and Barrel.

I vision my wedding to have a clean modern feel.  I've always been a fan of green so I had an idea of this color.  Of all places I got my inspiration from Starbucks! 

Starbucks photo 1

I really liked all the colors and started working off of them.  I went to Home Depot and got several palettes of colors and started my inspiration board based on these main 3 colors.

            Starbucks photo 2Starbucks photo 3Starbucks photo 4

I've branched out by using all different shades of green.  To me each of these 3 colors represents my style.

                                      Black = Crisp    Green = Modern   White/Ivory = Elegant

              Starbucks photo 5  Starbucks photo 6   Starbucks photo 7   Starbucks photo 8  Starbucks photo 9


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When it came time to start looking for the perfect dress, I really didnt know where to begin.  I thought the best thing to do would be to start collecting pictures of dresses I liked from various bridal magazines and from there start sorting out which styles I wanted to try on.  At this same time I was introduced to the show "Say Yes to the Dress" on TLC and became familiar with various designer names I had never heard of aside from Vera Wang!  For those of you future brides out there, watch this show.  You learn a lot about style and what types of dresses best flatter your body type.

Say Yes to the Dress photo 1



I quickly became attracted to dresses that had some ruching with a flower on the side.  The very first designer I fell in love with was Mikaella.  I was drawn to her dress 1414.  The clean lines and the way the dress flowed captivated my eyes.  To my dismay I realized not very many stores carried this designer's dress as a sample or you had to pay extra to have the sample shipped to the store.


As I searched high and low for this dress, I was asked by a bridal boutique owner if I'd consider Paloma Blanca.  I was told this was the same line as the Mikaella but higher end due to the better material = 100% Silk.  I was in awe of the collection. 



Say Yes to the Dress photo 2                Say Yes to the Dress photo 3

By this point I had a whole collection of dresses in my inspiration binder where I had cut pictures of various ideas.  I started reading bridal magazines and read that the one shoulder straps were in style and found this dress by Pronovias called Grecia.

Say Yes to the Dress photo 4            Say Yes to the Dress photo 5

Its been quit an adventure looking for the right dress.  Most dresses look stunning when you see it on tall lean models with the perfect lighting shining on them.  When I'd go to try on certain dresses and I see myself in the big mirror I'd ask if this was the same dress I saw in the magazine because it looked so different on my petite frame.

I've learned through this whole process that having too many opinions can play with your mind on casting doubts.  Go with your heart.  You want to feel like a bride in YOUR dress on YOUR day.  When you see yourself in THAT dress, you will know its the one.  Let your heart say YES to THE DRESS!

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The Venue photo 1

My dream was always to get married at a vineyard.  I imagined having an outdoor day wedding surrounded by family and close friends with GREAT food/wine.  Living in the bay area we've acquired high palates for excellent cuisine and this was something we were not going to skimp on.

I dont know how many venues I researched.  Napa/Sonoma was waaay out of our budget and it was by accident I came upon Wente Vineyard.  Who knew Livermore had all these hidden wineries?  I was surprised at how reasonable their price was and yes the food was above and beyond what we imagined.  Did I mention their wedding package includes the wedding cake and a coordinator?!


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    My Better Half photo 1

Hans and I met in 2005 on Match.com.  YES online dating works!  From the moment I met him I knew there was something special about him.  He is always attending to my needs and can make a killer meal.  He makes me laugh and I love the fact that I can be myself whenever I"m with him.  He is my rock and my best friend and I am happy to be spending the rest of my life with him.