Sep 06, 2009

Adrienne Gunde Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
The first time we met Adrienne, she came in with a portfolio, information sheet, and a smile on her face. What made us decide to have her be our photographer for our wedding was her sincere and genuine character, passion for weddings, and simply her love for photography. Adrienne talked excitedly about the weddings she had shot at, the upcoming weddings she was looking forward to, and just the overall feeling she gets when she documents and photographs these events. Hearing this from her, you would think that it was Adrienne getting married herself and that is definitely what makes her stand out. She treats each wedding like it was her first enthusiastically, passionately, and never tired of taking shots of the dress, shoes, rings, etc. Because of this attitude and warm personality in sharing bits and pieces of herself, there was no doubt that Adrienne was the perfect photographer for us. Adriennes warm personality was evident in our engagement shoot. Having jitters about taking such intimate shots, she made us feel comfortable and at ease while we were walking during the early morning in Chinatown. She made us laugh, smile, and even talked to us during the session. By the end of the engagement shoot, we didnt feel like we were having our pictures taken by photographers, but by new friends. Adrienne was also flexible in going to South Pasadena to continue our engagement session and even said, Do you want to continue taking more pictures? after spending nearly two hours shooting. That simply amazed us that Adrienne wanted us to be satisfied and would continue the session if needed. We strongly believe that most people would not accommodate nor spend that extra time, but Adrienne offered without hesitancy. This is what makes Adrienne a unique individual to work with; it is not only her personality and warmth when you are around her, but the extra touch she provides by caring about what the couple wants. When we received the engagement pictures, we were absolutely amazed by them. Adrienne captured our love and friendship in the photos while also incorporating the beauty of Chinatown, Busters Caf, and the little garden in South Pasadena. We could not wait to see her again for the wedding in September. When we saw Adrienne in September for our wedding, it was the exact same feel as our engagement session: warm, intimate, and fun-filled. Not only was Adrienne enthusiastic about shooting the wedding itself, but also embracing Balboa Park in San Diego and capturing the essence of the place and our wedding day. Again, she made us feel comfortable and also, made our wedding party feel at ease in front of the camera. Adrienne was there for every moment: getting hair and make-up done, putting on the dress, capturing the gossip and chatter amongst bridesmaids, and seeing the bride/groom for the first time, etc. However, what impressed me the most was how well she captured all of those moments; if I didnt know any better, I would think that Adrienne and Scott were ninjas. What do I mean by this? We didnt even know they were there most of the time and because of that, they both captured genuine, real emotions from us during the wedding ceremony and reception. When we looked back at the pictures, both of us said, When did she take this? Adrienne captured every moment of the ceremony: the laughter during the exchange of our stories, the tears when we said our own vows, and the love that was evident in our families faces. She did it by stealthily moving about, although I knew she must have been running about since she really did not miss any moment of the both the ceremony and the reception. Adrienne is an amazing photographer, but in the end, she is an amazing friend that my husband and I now have. I really cannot wait to work with her again; perhaps it will be a mom-to-be session or family portrait. Whatever it may be, I recommend her highly to others who want to not only have beautiful photographs, but a person who is easy to work with, flexible, and driven.
Services used: Photography