May 15, 2010

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For those of our Family members that have passed to be with our dear Lord...we will have a special table with burning candles, pictures and cards that read thier names and if they belong to the bride or groom. They deserve to be known and ALWAYS remembered! 

In Loving Memory photo 1


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The Lasso:It is essentially a large rosary, usually beaded or made of satin, with two loops so that it can be placed around the bride and groom. The lasso forms the shape of a figure eight/infinity, which represents the couple’s unity. It is placed on the bride and groom after they say their vows and is taken off just before the end of the ceremony. A prayer and/or reading usually accompanies the lasso portion of the ceremony.


    Crystal wedding lasso with silver plated cross


The Arras:

These are thirteen coins, which are often gold or silver plated, that are presented to the bride by the groom. Traditionally, they represent a dowry which symbolizes the groom’s commitment and promise to care for the bride; her acceptance represents a promise to take care of the groom. The number 13 represents Jesus and his twelve apostles. Each coin is also said to represent on of the following: Love, Trust, Commitment, Respect, Joy, Happiness, Harmony, Wisdom, Wholeness, Nurturing, Caring, Cooperation, and Peace. They are usually placed in some sort of container. (The top left coin shows the design on the top of each coin, which is varied through different cultures.)



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9-Saturday March 13-Meeting with the wedding court

8-Saturday March 20-Relax weekend do NOTHING! Plan NOTHING!

7-Saturday March 27-my bridal Shower

6-Saturday April 3-Easter Weekend (working)

5-Saturday April 10-Two weddings and one quincenera to attend! (working)

4-Saturday April 17-Going to Houston-A mass dedication for Nicks Uncle Jr     -R-I-P 

3-Saturday April 24-San Antonio here we come baby!The Fiestas! A well deserved BREAK from wedding planning

2-Saturday May 1-Nick has a softball tournament-ALL weekend long

1-Saturday May 8-BACHLORETTE PARTY!!!!!! WHOO HOO!!!!!!

0-Saturday May15-WEDDING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Some of my information and pictures are for friends ONLY! To view everything on my BIO please request me as a friend...The more the merrier! My fiance is getting curious about my dress and some surprises I have mentioned to him. He knows where all my secrets are hidden and posted (here on PW of course) So, I dont want him to accidently stumble across my page...Thanks ladies. Happy planning :)

                                        I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance...
                                         A church filled with flowers, friends and beautiful music...
                                                I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for...
                                                       He said one that would make me his wife.
                                                                             ~ Anonymous 


 Cute adorable Sneaky Fiance photo 1   Nicholas <3 Crystal


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My future in laws photo 1  Irene and Gabriel-I adore them!

My future in laws photo 2



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Flowers, Reception, Red, Centerpiece, Decor, Candles   head table

Reception, Pink


Reception, Pink



I want lots of candles and lots of pink lighting!