Aug 21, 2010

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My lovely Maid of Honor and one of my Bridesmaid's threw me a lovely shower in my Manitoba hometown. The generosity of people overwhelmed me. It was absolutely perfect.


Wedding Shower 1 photo 1Wedding Shower 1 photo 2Wedding Shower 1 photo 3Wedding Shower 1 photo 4Wedding Shower 1 photo 5Wedding Shower 1 photo 6Wedding Shower 1 photo 7Wedding Shower 1 photo 8Wedding Shower 1 photo 9Wedding Shower 1 photo 10Wedding Shower 1 photo 11

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Just a few of the great finds that I am going to be giving as thank you gifts for my shower and stagette planners.


Bridal Shower #1

My MOH and one of my bridesmaids is going to be hosting my bridal shower back in Russell in June. I bought my bridesmaid a beautiful necklace and earring set from huebyjennyhouston  on etsy


Thank You Thank You Thank You photo 1

My maid of honor will be receiving the following earring and necklace set.  The earrings were made by blustarfruit on etsy and the necklace by cleobelle on etsy. Both are stunning

Thank You Thank You Thank You photo 2Thank You Thank You Thank You photo 3



My FSIL is plannin our staggette in July.  We are heading to Cabo in Mexico for a girl's weekend away.  My FSIL is a huge Lady Gaga fan so I bought her a little clutch with Lady Gaga pics all over it from coverstorypurses on Etsy.  I also bought her a beautiful pendant from theraveniron on Etsy

Thank You Thank You Thank You photo 4Thank You Thank You Thank You photo 5

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Having our wedding back in the small town I grew up in is great, but one always worries that the options will be minimized and they are.  The photographer was something that was really really important to me and I did not want to settle at all, but immediately I realized my options were limited. Although there were great photographers in the surrounding urban areas it was going to cost an arm and a leg for them to come out to Russell.  We had our eyes on Red Leaf Studios out of Regina, but just before booking found Sharon Piller with Valley Portraits in Saskatchewan only 30 minutes away.  She takes the most amazing photos in exactly the style we wanted and so we were lucky enough to book her for our upcoming August wedding. No settling here. 

Here are some shots from her website: www.valleyportraits.ca


Capturing The Day photo 1Capturing The Day photo 2

Capturing The Day photo 3Capturing The Day photo 4

Capturing The Day photo 5


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We were lucky enough to find a family friend back home in Russell, MB who is going to make our lovely cake.  It is going to be a 4 tier red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. It will be covered with white fondant and each square tier will be wraped along the bottom with chocolate brown ribbon.  Green Cymbidium orchids will be placed around the cake and used to fill in the top as a topper with some willow branches.  We are also having a monogram crystal topper, which I ordered off of etsy but have not yet received. The flowers will be placed in bunches at opposing corners rather than in cascading bunches as per the far right picture and the tiers will be square as per the middle picture.  Here are my inspirations.

Let them Eat Cake photo 1Let them Eat Cake photo 2Let them Eat Cake photo 3


Cake and Cake Table:

Here are some pictures of our amazing wedding cake...it was delicious and looked amazing.

Let them Eat Cake photo 4Let them Eat Cake photo 5



Cake Topper:

I purchased the cake topper below on Etsy from AffordableCakeTopper

Let them Eat Cake photo 6Let them Eat Cake photo 7



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I absolutely loved these dresses and had them in my folder of pictures when I started shopping.  Some I tried on and they absolutely did not work and others were way out of my price range, but I absolutely loved the style.  Luckily Calgary doesn't have Pnina or Kenneth Pool so I wasn't tempted to sell my soul.  That said these dresses are all so beautiful that they deserve a space to be appreciated.

Always Loved Maggie:


Dresses That I Loved photo 1Dresses That I Loved photo 2Dresses That I Loved photo 3Dresses That I Loved photo 4

Others I loved:

Dresses That I Loved photo 5Dresses That I Loved photo 6Dresses That I Loved photo 7

Dresses That I Loved photo 8Dresses That I Loved photo 9Dresses That I Loved photo 10Dresses That I Loved photo 11

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Rydell and I have two cats, Diesel and Tallica, both of which we got while still in university.  We took a chance being so young and committing to being pet owners, but we have never ever regretted getting these guys. Diesel is a tuxedo cat we adopted from a farm and Tallica is a purbred seal point siamese.  Tallica is the younger of the two although you couldn't tell from his size. 


Our Little Furballs photo 1Our Little Furballs photo 2


Our Little Furballs photo 3Our Little Furballs photo 4