Jun 05, 2010

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We are all really excited to get the pro photos back since both photographers were snapping photos all over the place at the ceremony and reception - Erin Marie Hall Photography was our vendor and Erin and her 2nd shooter James could not have been better - thanks to them both for their hard work.

Trio's Restaurant & Jazz Club was our reception venue in South Bend, Indiana. We had a small wedding of only 50 people so Trio's was the perfect place to hold the reception - the staff was absolutely amazing and they all really went out of their way to make everything so beautiful.Vendor Reviews photo 1

Poppies was our florist and I have to say when I saw the flowers for the first time I almost cried because they truly were the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. We received compliments from everyone all day long about the flowers - Polly was on time with the delivery and it was absolute perfection. Poppies is based in South Bend, Indiana as well.

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With a Wing and a Prayer provided our Cake and cupcakes. I was a little disappointed with them not because of the taste (that was amazing), but because of the presentation. The frosting decoration was not what we discussed with them at all whatsoever and it seemed they decided to do whatever they felt like on the frosting and decor instead of what I asked for. They also got very snippy with my bridal assistant when they delivered the cake to the reception (they were also late with the delivery) which I just do not approve of at all. I guess they are retiring/going out of business after this year so not too many brides will have to experience this sad level of service.

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My dress is Casablanca 1899 - all dresses and tuxedos came from Bernardo's in Mishawaka, Indiana and I couldn't say enough great things about Bernardo and his staff.

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Ken and I have been together for about a year and a half. Our meeting was completely random and the fact we actually found each is comparable to finding a needle in a haystack. During my single life I kept a blog on my dating adventures. Actually they more like dating disasters but rather than dwell on the negative I decided to turn the disasters into a series of humorous musings on life, love and the single midwestern girl. Ken was browsing through blogs looking for interesting ones to read and found mine. So he emailed me. I briefly considered not responding but then something told me that I should respond and am I ever glad that I did!

A week later Ken and I met in person and we've been together ever since. I had heard stories that when you finally meet the person who is meant for you, you just know it. I didn't believe the stories until I met Ken. With him, I just knew he was my one and only. There was no drama. It was effortless.

A few months ago we were making dinner as we normally do. He turned to me and pulled me into his arms. He told me he loved me and asked if I would marry him. I giggled and said, "are you serious?" He told me not to move and ran into the other room to retrieve the ring he'd been hiding in a dresser for over a month. Unbeknownst to me Ken had made several plans for the big proposal, but unfortunately I had spoiled each and every one. But no matter how it happened it was always meant to be a perfect moment. I loved that he proposed in our home and that he got down on one knee, told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and asked me to marry him...I said yes.

We'll be married on June 5, 2010.