Feb 24, 2007

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Our wedding was awesome!! We celebrated with 150 guests from all aspects of our lives and everyone had a great time. Everyone told us it was a fun day and some even went so far as to tell us it was one of the best weddings ever.
Traditional, simple and fun best describe our day. We did the Catholic ceremony/hotel reception to keep it traditonal. We kept it simple by having a small wedding party and did not do the bouquet and garter toss. And it was fun for all with an open bar, great music, photobooth, kareokee, and buffett meal (so people could move around).
We included personal touches by making a poster of our parents' and grandparents' wedding pictures, Disney touches here and there, bright colors (fuschia pink and neon green), and we played games with our guests (we gave a prize to the couple married the longest, the most recently wed couple and the couple getting married next).
It was the best day of our lives and well worth every penny and minute planned.

LAST NOTE: hire a videographer if only for the ceremony.

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We gave ourselves 14months to put it all together. Between planning and saving for it, we were glad we did.
To be honest, we had everything (except the cake and photobooth) booked by April. Getting started early did not necessarily save us money, but it allowed us to get our first choice on everything because everything was available. This made things very stress free.
Our budget was a major part of our planning as neither of us wanted to go into debt for our wedding. We accepted any wedding prep "gift" people offered- my friend made the bridesmaids dresses; my parents paid for the photographer, while his paid the open bar tab. And we did without what we didn't really care for- no flowers (my mom bought a dozen tulips and made my and the bridesmaids bouquets); no save the dates, programs or seating cards; and we printed the invitations ourselves and had our guests RSVP via email.
The vendors we chose all did an amazing job and were all within our budget. We did our research on the internet and it was time consuming, but it was well worth it. See my reviews for further.

-give yourself time.
-set a budget (all the mags tell you this for a reason, you have to do it)
-accept help and gifts from people. ask for it.
-cut corners and do what you can yourself
-research, research. you don't have to overpay to get the best. all my vendors are proof of that

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We met on and were engaged 10months later. He proposed on New Year's Eve by placing his proposal inside a fortune cookie he gave me.