Oct 03, 2009

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We have recently found out we are expecting!   Due December 19, 2010


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We did a "Trash the Dress" but not so trash the dress shoot with a friend of mine.  It was great and I'm glad we did!  the more pictures the better!!

Trash the dress photo 1Trash the dress photo 2Trash the dress photo 3Trash the dress photo 4Trash the dress photo 5Trash the dress photo 6Trash the dress photo 7Trash the dress photo 8Trash the dress photo 9Trash the dress photo 10Trash the dress photo 11Trash the dress photo 12Trash the dress photo 13Trash the dress photo 14Trash the dress photo 15Trash the dress photo 16Trash the dress photo 17Trash the dress photo 18

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Brandon and I went for two amazing weeks in Ocho Rios jamaica!  I would recommend it to anyone.  We went snorkeling, on a catamaran, climbed the falls, and much much more!!  So romantic!


Honeymoon photo 1Honeymoon photo 2Honeymoon photo 3Honeymoon photo 4Honeymoon photo 5Honeymoon photo 6Honeymoon photo 7Honeymoon photo 8



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We chose to make our theme a branch/fall theme.  We both personally worked very hard to acheive it and I think we did! Our colors were chocolate brown and deep red with accents of orange and gold.

Brandon and I were married on October 3, 2009.  I remember waking up and thinking OMG I'm getting married today, very giddy!  My mom, the girls and I went to the salon to get ready and get our makeup done!  It was amazing! Then we went back to my house and got all dressed up :)

In the meantime Brandon and his boys were at another house getting ready and hanging out in the garage smoking cigars and taking pictures with deer...they are all hunters.  (I have a picture below, its on of my favorites!) 

Our ceremony was at 140 pm.  Many people asked why the weird time or if it was a typo...well it wasnt a typo.  I have this weird thing of assosiating things with when stuff happens...Brandon asked me to marry him at 140 pm on April 26 so I married him 18 months later at 140 pm...

The ceremony was perfect!  It seemed to go so fast but when I think about it all I can seem to remember is Brandon...I guess thats what videos are for!  With our branch theme we were able to get the best trees in the church and have leaves on the ground. 

After the ceremony we went and did our pictires then went to our amazing reception where I dragged him in by a rope!  The evening went so smoothly and seemingly nothing went wrong.

I couldnt have asked for more in our wedding day.  It was everythign we had envisioned and worked so hard for!

The wedding day photo 1The wedding day photo 2The wedding day photo 3The wedding day photo 4The wedding day photo 5The wedding day photo 6The wedding day photo 7The wedding day photo 8The wedding day photo 9The wedding day photo 10The wedding day photo 11The wedding day photo 12The wedding day photo 13The wedding day photo 14The wedding day photo 15The wedding day photo 16The wedding day photo 17The wedding day photo 18The wedding day photo 19The wedding day photo 20The wedding day photo 21The wedding day photo 22The wedding day photo 23The wedding day photo 24The wedding day photo 25The wedding day photo 26The wedding day photo 27The wedding day photo 28The wedding day photo 29The wedding day photo 30The wedding day photo 31The wedding day photo 32The wedding day photo 33The wedding day photo 34The wedding day photo 35The wedding day photo 36The wedding day photo 37

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We had gone shopping together for the ring so he knew what he should be looking for.  I showed him a bunch I like and he ended up picking the one I loved the most!  Great taste he must have!  I never stop looking at it and to be honest, I have two huge windows in my office and on the days when its sunny and its shining in my windows, I sparkle the ring in the reflection...:)

(This is the engagement ring and wedding band)

The Ring photo 1

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In April 2008 I graduated from University and Brandon was so happy for me that he took me for a surprise trip for the weekend golfing.  We went to the Radium Hot Springs in Britsh Columbia Canada.  Brandon and I have always loved golfing so this weekend was going to be perfect!

It was so gorgeous. While it was snowing it Alberta, it was 20 degrees celcius and sunny in BC.  When we got to the 16th hole I was making fun of some SUPER slow people in front of us up on the green and I turned around to see where he was and he was kneeled right behind me...crying of course.  He asked me to marry him and all I could says was OMG!!  I had to ask him later if I finally mustered out a yes...apparently I did.