Mar 20, 2010

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Before the Wedding photo 1Before the Wedding photo 2 My cute Grandpa                                                                                      & Zack waiting to get the show on the road! :)

Before the Wedding photo 3 Before the Wedding photo 4Before the Wedding photo 5

Before the Wedding photo 6 Where are the gifts!?!?

Before the Wedding photo 7Before the Wedding photo 8


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Its been almost 4 months and I have yet to post anything! I know I'm horrible!!! Here are some of my bridals my AMAZING sister in law took! :)

Bridals photo 1Bridals photo 2

Bridals photo 3Bridals photo 4

Bridals photo 5Bridals photo 6

Bridals photo 7Bridals photo 8


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Once Upon a Time......There was a broken hearted maiden, who was down on her luck.  She felt as if her whole world was falling apart. One night when whe was feeling especially down a knight in shining armour rode in to save the day. He offered to take the broken hearted maiden for a ride, and let her pour all of her sadness out to the concerned prince with a listening ear. The maiden felt bad for dumping all of her problems onto the prince whom she didn't know all that well. Also for the fact that she wasn't exactly dressed appropriatly to meet a prince (basketball shorts, no makeup, and a ponytail isn't exactly princess apparel). As she started to pass on the woes in her life to the prince, she realized that he was actually easy to speak with. Instead of the evening being akward asn she intended it to be, it turned out to be a night of laughs, and enjoyment. The maiden realized what an amazing prince he was, not only kind and caring but someone whom she could not let go easily. This prince was different and with that in mind she set out to make this prince her very own. From that night on the maiden was a completly different person. That prince had turned the broken hearted maiden into a maiden who lived lived with a purpose and saw things in a different light. The prince and maiden went on many adventures together, and enjoyed each others company. The pair was inseperable. They decided they would like to spend happily ever after together. On October 27th 2009 the prince asked the maiden to marry him and of course she said yes. Honestly how could she not? The prince and the maiden will start their journey to happily ever after May 14th 2010.