Apr 04, 2009

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I'm a puma! (Not quite a cougar, since you must be 40 to obtain this title) Yes I admit it! I totally robbed the cradle, and it was the best thing I've ever done!
As if you couldn't tell, I'm a total smarta$$. I love to joke around and laugh with my friends, family, co-workers and the kids I work with. I am insanely organized, love being the leader, a total snoop, outspoken, and am the most honest person you will ever meet (which often gets me in trouble). I love entertaining and decorating and can't wait to host lots of parties with Chris in our new home.
I enjoy camping, traveling, attending plays/musicals and concerts, playing with our 3 dogs and 1 cat, and spending time with my friends and family.


I'm HOT! No seriously...I'm PHENOMENAL!!!

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1. Choose and book a venue for the ceremony and the reception!! Beautiful Malibou Lake Mountain Club
2. Deposit for Photographer - Digishots Photography
3. Deposit for DJ - Allen Layton
4. buy jars/vases for candy buffet
5. choose wedding colors and style
6. Book a videographer - Brian Starkman of BGS productions

7. Book photobooth -

8. Buy flip flops for guests to dance in

9. Start bridesmaid tote bag gifts

10. Book florist - Kerim from My Wedding Blooms

11. Order and receive cake topper

12 order and receive parasols

13. Choose Bridesmaid dresses

14. Make our card box - Done! Thank you FI and Robby too :)

15. order, assemble and mail save the date magnets - Yeah so exciting!!

16. Choose and order my wedding dress! - YES FINALLY!!!!!! :)

17. Order bridesmaid dresses

18. Order wedding day jewelery

19. Order wedding bands for both of us (two for groomzilla!)

20. Food tasting with Truly Yours Catering/Malibou Lake

21. Order and receive Bridesmaid jewelry

22. Order candy for the candy buffet

23. Order invites

24. buy Cake server, toasting flutes, and ring bearer pillow

25. Buy groom's present

26. make Combes candy corner sign

27. Order more chinese lanterns

28. Get marriage license

29. make flower girl basket

30. get FI's passport





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Lindsey's Version

Well, remember how I mentioned that I am a total snoop above?... :) Yeah well, needless to say, I kinda knew something was up in the weeks leading up to the proposal. I had "found " receipts to a jewlery store months before, and was suspicious, but not convinced that Chris had actually bought a ring. After I "found" the receipts, I continued to keep my eyes and ears open for any more clues that would assist me in my investigation. Chris knows that I hate surprises (mostly because I do not have control over the situation), and yet I kept finding him whispering to people, hiding paperwork and acting wierd on the phone. I swear he played it up even more because he knows it makes me nuts!

Anyway, after more suspicious incidents, such as catching Chris talking on the phone to my girl friend Kelly, and finding my mom's Christmas idea's list, which listed "wedding planning book", I was pretty sure I knew what was going to take place when Chris said he wanted to go out to dinner (just the 2 of us) to celebrate both of our birthday's.

On December 1st, I was a nervous wreck! Chris of course was cool as a cucumber!!! My hair would not work right, my make-up was a mess, I could not choose an outfit to save my life, and don't even get me started on the shoes! There is a reason us ladies are suppose to be surprised on this night...because we would never leave the house otherwise until EVERYTHING was perfect!!

I was finally ready, and the limo (which was about 30 minutes late)finally arrived. I searched for any sign of a ring; a bulge in his coat, a bag, ANYTHING that might confirm my hunch, but I saw nothing. Maybe I was wrong? Maybe he decided not to right now since I was onto his plan. I kissed my mom, dad and grandma goodbye and we were off to dinner at Gladstones in Malibu. This was the scene of our first date July 22, 2005. I was excited, nervous, anxious and elated all at the same time. We sat side by side cuddling and sharing a cocktail in the back of the limo as we made our way through the awful L.A. traffic. Our driver took a route that neither of us had ever seen to get to Malibu, but we didn't care...we were just enjoying the ride together.

We finally arrived, ordered our food and a bottle of wine to share (Toasted Head Chardonnay, which is now our favorite and pretty much the only wine Chris will drink)

Chris was such a good sport the whole week leading up to the proposal. It was no secret that I knew what was up,and I didn't make it any easier by joking, asking questions and continuing to dig for more information. What a brat huh?! And yet, Chris never once got upset or frustrated that the surprise had been blown. He kept up his facade, that he was not up to anything, and ignored all my attempts to dig for more information. This is one reason why I love him so much. He is so calm and easy tempered. He doesn't let the little mishaps in life get him down. He also lets me be myself and just laughs at me when I am a brat...even if it does ruin the most important day in a man's life. Sorry baby. I love you!!

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Once upon a time, many years ago our paths crossed briefly when Chris' father, was my high school band director. Little did we know that 10 years later, our paths would cross again!
It was during our weekly poker game at our friends' Mike and Christy's (also Chris' cousin) house that sparks began to fly. There was texting,flirting, a wrestling match, fireworks (literally) and then more texting.
Chris talked me into one date. "What did I have to lose? he said. If you have a terrible time, we will pretend it never happened and go on being friends. After much debate, I agreed to go. Needless to say, I did NOT have a terrible time, and we have been together ever since!