Apr 23, 2011

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The Reception Decor

Some Non Pro Pictures photo 1


First Dance

Some Non Pro Pictures photo 2

Make-up Done!!

Some Non Pro Pictures photo 3


Some Non Pro Pictures photo 4

Mr & Mrs Benson!!!!

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So FI & I went to Puerto Rico over the summer.  When planning the trip, a lightbulb went off like "hey maybe I can find a photographer down there to take our pics?".   I sure was!!

Engagement Pictures photo 1              Engagement Pictures photo 2   Engagement Pictures photo 3             Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5      Engagement Pictures photo 6

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Soon I plan to go cake tasting, to choose the flavors for the cake.   If I have my way there will be three :-)   The main cake, a Groom’s cake & especially for me, a rum cake!  I haven’t decided what I want the cake to look like yet, but here are some ideas.  I also want to have fresh flowers on the cake to incorporate our colors.  Let me know what you think!!

  Let them eat Cake photo 1Let them eat Cake photo 2


The Groom's Cake I plan to surprise FI with!!  He will absolutely love this!

Let them eat Cake photo 3

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So right now Im trying to tie up alot of the little things that get left until the last minute and stress you out :-(  My current task is trying to find a decent Cake serving set that I like.  It seems like they all include either those hearts or flowers which I completely hate, and of course the one set that I really want is discontinued and absolutely the most difficult thing to find!!

My dream cake serving set :-)

Cake Serving Set photo 1


Update 11/16/2010 :Found it and purchased immediately!!