Apr 02, 2011

Aragon Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Summed up, you can NOT go wrong with Amy and Laz... they are beyond friendly and professional. And they are too cute... you have got to love them.

My guest thought that they were the best and they get in pictures with the couples and their friends.... The photobooth that I chose with my package was a MAJOR hit.. Really keeps and gets the crowd going.

I don't say nice things about people just because it's expected, so I genuinely enjoyed Aragon Photography's work from the first day I met them. They really know their stuff....
Services used: Photography
Aragon Photography
AWWW!! Thanks Shon! =)

The Centre @ Arbor Connection
( 2.4 / 5.0 )
This venue is very very nice... The ambience and set-up beautiful, but the managers.. awful.

Summed up, they were NOT, let me repeat, NOT flexible.. Very rigid.. the rules were always changing and they didn't want to compromise with anything.. They come off very helpful, but will nickle and dime you to the last straw...

They charge $.50 to put on outsiders chair covers, + $.50 to put the sash on also.. then another $.50 to take the chair cover off + another $.50 to take the sash off.

When we asked could we put the chairs on ourselves to save money, she said yes but it would have to be later on the day of the wedding.. mind you, they had already started setting up our room the Wednesday before our Saturday wedding. She (Beverly Clements - Manager) told me that there was going to be another even in the ballroom the Friday before we came in, which is why we couldn't set up early. Well when we made our final arrangement that Wednesday, I get there and see that they are setting the room up in our colors.. I asked, is the event before ours using the same colors, she said NO, I FORGOT THAT THEY WERE USING ANOTHER BALLROOM. Yea right.. she knew but wanted to make it difficult for us to use any outside sources....

In spite of it all they take care of you the day of after they have taken all of your money plus some....
Services used: Wedding Venue