Oct 03, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Picking a photography vendor was probably one of the hardest decisions we had to make for our wedding - there were so many to pick from, so many portfolios to review. However, after the 1st meeting with Vincent and Eugene from VEE Image, we were sold. Not only do they have a strong passion for photography, fun personalities, years of experience, but they are completely flexible to our treacherous 15-hours-long wedding day, covering pretty much the whole bay area! - the reasonable price was a bonus. On our wedding day, they truly captured every moment - putting together a story that would make our hearts beat increase every time we see it. Have to admit, initially my fiance was skeptical over the whole-photo-journalistic style that Vincent does. However, after we have seen the final works, it totally grew on him! Having two professional photographers with different styles and angles definitely gave us the best of both worlds. The most surprising thing is that VEE Image is fast, before we got back from our honeymoon, our pictures and slideshows were ready for viewing. It was the perfect treat to officially kick off married life together.Thanks Eugene and Vincent for capturing so many priceless memories of our wedding day!!
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Events by Karen Lee
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When I first thought of hiring a wedding coordinator, I was very skeptical. I thought I would not need a wedding coordinator since I can just ask my friends and family to help. However, after our 1st meeting with Karen, the first thing my fiance said was, "Wow, she's just as super organized and a crazy excel user like you, I can tell she's going to be the perfect coordinator for you, you won't be able to find anyone else you like her, so don't search!" Little did I know, he knew me so well! Karen turned out to be perfect and I could not have image how successful my wedding would have been without her help. My bridal party told me this was the 1st wedding they went to where they felt so relaxed and was able to enjoy every moment. Karen took care of everything, from pre-planning the schedule, to setting up perfectly to my detailed requirements, and even packed up everything to for me take home. Since I am the super detailed and organized type, everyone thought I would be pretty stressed out during my wedding day. However it turned out to be the complete opposite. I put all my trust in Karen and she made my wedding day flawless. Thanks to Karen, I can truly capture all the Kodak and stress-free moments of my wedding day!
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