Mar 07, 2010

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I'm a small town tomboy who accidently ended up in a posh family living a luxurious lifestyle. I am still convinced that I was adopted! Thank God my family hasn't disowned me (yet!) for all the dresses they repeatedly had to replace after every one of my tree climbing incidents.  No matter what I was doing, by the end of each day my attire was left mutilated by my unruly nature. Boys were my only friends growing up. I couldn't imagine marrying one but here I am in love like the real girl my mother knew was buried so deep down inside of me. Although everyone is so relieved that Howard was able to sweep me off my feet, they still are going to have to deal with my strict non formal policy for the wedding. (I make my family sound very intolerant of my chosen lifestyle but we get along great, it's more of a constant joke or tease). I love nature and hate clothing especially dresses! So I am planning to make my wedding a barefoot event that is one with nature. I love hearing other peoples opinions and advice and hope to network with the brides on this site, wish me luck!  

Just Another Bride,

Terry Fuld