Oct 17, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I first scheduled a meeting with Nyrie after I saw some of the makeup work she had done for some print adds. I booked her for my wedding and could not be more thrilled with how I looked in all the pictures taken of me on that day!! Nyrie has a way of making you look like you're just naturally beautiful. My hair and makeup lasted the whole day without any touch-ups...well, maybe a few lipstick touch-ups after all the kissing :) But I was so happy I could just enjoy my wedding wihtout having to worry about my hair falling apart or falling flat, or my makeup melting away!!

We had a crazy wedding schedule also, and Nyrie was so accomodating, super punctual and such a fun person to be around. Do yourself a favor, just book her already. Or schedule a hair and makeup trial with her, and you'll end up booking with her right after anyway.
Services used: Beauty & Health

Wedding Jeannie
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I always believed that a wedding planner was not necessary but I was so wrong! Jeannie and her team were KEY in making our wedding day the most UNstressful, and UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING day of our lives!!! We had a wedding with over 280 guests and only booked Jeannie last minute (I think just about 3 weeks before our wedding day). Not only did she help with all the last minute planning, but she contacted all our vendors, finalized details and made sure EVERYTHING went completely smoothly. With all the things that can go wrong at weddings...we didn't notice if there were any issues because Jeannie and her team took care of everything and were so prepared for ANYTHING! Someone had stepped on the back of my dress and tore part of the bustle and Jeannie stiched it up in under a minute...that's what I call AMAZING! When people talk about how stressful their wedding was, I can't relate because ours was the exact opposite, and we have Jeannie Ward to thank for the most perfect day we could have imagined.
Services used: Wedding Planning

Buckley Videography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
It feels like I searched forever for the perfect videographer to capture my wedding. I wanted a videographer who could capture our wedding day in an artistic way, rather than just looking like something a relative could have filmed. I found the perfect photographer and pretty much gave up on a videographer that could live up to my expectations. I only found out about Tom from my wedding coordinator who happened to have worked with him on other weddings and knew he was free the day of our wedding. Once I looked at his work and talked to him, I booked him right away. Tom is such a wonderful person to work with and our wedding video is absolutely AMAZING! Everyone who's seen it has raved about how beautifully everything was captured...the artistry...the sound...the mood of the whole day...it is all perfect! We had a large wedding and had two videographers which I HIGHLY recommend so that every moment is captured, and from different perspectives too. Tom exceeded our expectations in every way imaginable and we are so happy!!
Services used: Videography