Jun 26, 2010

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Wow, after months and months of hearing all of your re-caps, I knew we would have glitches, I was scared that I would be too stressed to be happy, I thought my skin would break out, that I would get my period and everything would just go crazy!  But the glitches were so insignificant, none of those things happened to me, and I don’t think anything could’ve touched us that day because we were just all out happy!!  We did have some small glitches: 1st - My dress was missing; ended up that the seamstress thought she had told us to pick it up at her house, REALLY?  I’m pretty sure my mom and I would’ve recalled that because THAT IS WEIRD!  Anyway, we drove all over the city to this lady’s house to get my dress, haha!!  2nd glitch – went to pick up DHs nice Calvin Klein suit that we had got him for RD and they had some cheesy 80s blue pin-striped suit for him, haha!!  I was like, OH, NO! 3rd glitch – trying to walk down the aisle with my dad and we get there and the DJ just is playing random clips of each song we had given him for different moments, so my dad and I are standing there looking at each other like what are we supposed to do??  4th glitch - We get to the ceremony and the officiant goes “Of all the women you both have been with you chose each other” Plus he pronounced our last name completely wrong!  OMG I couldn’t help but laugh.  My DH is crying and emotional and I am looking at my brother and brother in law who are smirking and I am trying not to laugh! But wow, somehow, even though we did have some glitches, everything somehow fell into place!  It almost felt destined to be a great day!  We had a cloudy and sprinkly day from the beginning, but it never rained and turned into a beautiful evening boat cruise.  My DH took me to get my makeup done, it took much longer than expected.  Then I get to my room where my girls were getting ready and everything fell into place!  We had our Mimosas, we started getting excited, the photographer showed up and everything became so amazing and I couldn’t stop smiling!  After that we had our first look which was so amazing and emotional, except for this Border Patrol Officer that was standing next to me while I’m balling, haha.  Then we drove around the island in the limo and took amazing pics!!  I couldn’t help but be happy with my best friends and family!  It was amazing!!!  Then the ceremony started and reception followed.  All of this took place on a small yacht on Grand Island, NY.  I felt so good because everyone commented on all of our DIYs, even the photog who is at weddings every weekend!  We had the best wedding ever!  The rain never came, it never got sunny, but we had a beautiful evening!  The food was amazing, everyone that RSVP’d showed up.  My crazy uncle got the party started!  We had a terrible DJ who played most of our “Do Not Play” stuff but it didn’t matter because everyone had an amazing time!  The whole night people kept telling us that it was the best wedding they had ever been to, what a great feeling!  We both drank more than we planned and stayed out way late at the hotel bar but it was definitely the best day of our lives!!!  It’s weird but we both feel different, it feels like a new beginning for our relationship.  We are a family now!


Sneak peek Pro pics:


Our Wedding photo 1


Our Wedding photo 2


Our Wedding photo 3


Our Wedding photo 4


Our Wedding photo 5


Our Wedding photo 6


Our Wedding photo 7


Our Wedding photo 8


Our Wedding photo 9




Our Wedding photo 10


Our Wedding photo 11


Our Wedding photo 12


Our Wedding photo 13


Photos courtesy of our amazing photographer Kristen Davide Photography!!


Non - Pro pics:


Our Wedding photo 14


Our Wedding photo 15


Our Wedding photo 16


Our Wedding photo 17


Our Wedding photo 18


Our Wedding photo 19


Our Wedding photo 20


Our Wedding photo 21


Our Wedding photo 22


Our Wedding photo 23


Our Wedding photo 24


Our Wedding photo 25



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Our Cardbox, semi-DIY

Other Stuff photo 1Other Stuff photo 2


Our Favors:

Other Stuff photo 3


Our linen napkins:

Other Stuff photo 4

Our tables:

Other Stuff photo 5

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I have had a really hard time with the jewelry and am still looking for earrings, but here is what I have so far.

Jewelry and Hair photo 1Jewelry and Hair photo 2

I got this necklace on Etsy and love it, the pic on the left is at my first fitting 3/8.

Jewelry and Hair photo 3

I also bought a bracelet similar to this that I might wear.


Hair ideas:

Jewelry and Hair photo 4Jewelry and Hair photo 5Jewelry and Hair photo 6

I like braids and I want my hair up but low in the back.  I love the accessories in the first pic, but can't find anything like it and I have been looking for months.

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Here is the BM dress with my MOH trying it on, the color is Pool like in the pic on the right.  They are Alfred Angelo.

BM dresses photo 1BM dresses photo 2


and this is what my mom will be wearing:

BM dresses photo 3

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I have had my dress since July.  I found it somewhat easily at Alfred Angelo in Rochester, NY.  I had such a great experience there compared to other shops I visited.  I love my dress, it makes me feel great and it is super sparkly :)

(Please excuse my dorky look, I hate getting my pic taken)

My Dress photo 1My Dress photo 2

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We wanted to do something a little different and we love the water, so we tried to find a beach nearby, but since we live in WNY, that was kind of difficult.  So, someone at work suggested a boat, so we went out and looked and this is what we decided on.  The ceremony will take place dockside but still on the boat, then we will have a 4 hour cruise reception.  We are super excited about it.

Wedding and Reception photo 1Wedding and Reception photo 2