Jan 30, 2010

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We are both in the Fire Service. One of firefighting greats Alan Bruccini came to speak in Elkhart. Both of us were very excited that we had the opportunity to see this legend. We both knew of each other but had never met. Nick started in the fire service in the same department I did, just years before I did. While I had no idea who he was but my uniform gave me away. Nick said he wanted to talk to me, but he was to nervous. Months later after I went to work for Notre Dame in catering I was working on the back dock of North Dining Hall wearing a Centre Fire shirt and a voice from behind me asked if I was on the department. I said "Nah I just got the shirt free". He laughed and we spoke for a minute. Over the next year we seemed to run into each other often (I don't think that was always an accident) and began to get to know each other.