Oct 09, 2010

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Here s where we are photo 1

Our wedding invitations, a lot of hard work!

Here s where we are photo 2

This is one of our flower girls.  We got the dress from  I couldn't believe how much the bridal salons wanted for the flowergirl dresses.  These were about $50 and look great!


Here s where we are photo 3

Here is the wine we are putting in our out of town gift baskets.  We soaked the wine bottles in room temperature water for a few hours and took off the labels.  You can print your own lables using 3x4 shipping labels from any office supply store.


Here s where we are photo 4


Here s where we are photo 5


These are our programs.  We made them ourselves.  The pencil is attached because the program is full of word games.  We're having a longer ceremony and wanted to make sure people have something to do.  We used a hole puncher to punch holes and used ribbon to bind the programs.  This was a lot of work, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!


Here s where we are photo 6


We got these unity candles from, a great website in case you haven't checked it out!

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I'll keep adding/editing this post, but it's just to make sure things are getting done!

To Do:

Send save the dates (I've been lagging)

Make altar decorations

Finish pomanders

Make wedding programs

Get unity candle

Get priest gift

Finalize ceremony music selection

Attend pre-cana marital counseling

Find a used veil (gotta save costs)

Buy shoes (hot pink!)

Decide on bridesmaids shoes

DIY altar bridesmaid sashes

Decide on groomsmen tuxs

Decide on boutonneires and bouquets

DIY Placecards

DIY Table numbers

DIY card box

DIY drink menu

DIY Bridal Suite Door Sign

DIY Grooms Suite Door Sign

DIY Invitations

Order table runners (budget permitting)

Buy paper lanterns

Order robes for bridesmaids

Order gifts for bridesmaids

Order grooms gifts

DIY confetti

DIY directional signs (to get to reception)

DIY maps to reception

Finalize music for reception

Finalize menu for reception

DIY centerpieces (although design already picked out)



Buy wedding dress

Buy vases for centerpieces

Reserve church

Reserve reception facility

Contract with caterer

Contract with liquor supplier

Contract with DJ

Contract with Photographer

Contract with makeup artist

Select Bridesmaid dresses

Make Save the Dates

Make pomanders

Wedding Website

Decide on Rehersal Dinner Location

Order Cake


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Bridesmaid Dresses photo 1

It took a long time, but I finally found the bridesmaid dresses!

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I'm having a difficult time figuring out what to do with the main centerpieces. My colors are dark blue and hot pink.  We're having silk rose pomanders at the church, and one thought was to have the main centerpieces be the pomander (just transfer them from the church to the reception site).  Another thought would be to have the main centerpieces be blue hydrangeas. In either case, the tall centerpiece will be surrounded by two smaller ones- we are having three really long rectangular tables, so it would be a big long line of centerpieces.

I've taken pictures of a sort-of mock up.  The color of the pictures isn't ideal- I took the pics with my cell phone.  The flowers are hot pink.

The plus about the pomander: cost savings (since we'll already have them at the church).  The plus about hydrangea: they'll have the color blue, and our colors are blue and pink.  If you have an opinion, let me know.


Pomander or Hydrangea photo 1

Pomander or Hydrangea photo 2

Pomander or Hydrangea photo 3


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My FI and I typically have very similar tastes, but no matter how many pictures from wedding magazines I showed him, he didn't like any of them.


Then, we found a picture of a cake we both loved.  It is so festive, and unique. This was instantly our wedding inspiration.  Double bonus: It is from Martha Stewart weddings, so there are lots of how-to's, including a DIY invitation, which I will try!


Wedding Inspiration photo 1

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Our wedding budget is pretty slim- so when I looked up the prices for save the date cards, I was shocked! A DIY save the date was definitely in order!


I designed the image myself- I took a photo of us and used a free program online to alter it.  I placed it on top of a map of Dana Point (altered using the same free program), where we'll be getting married, added a sun I found online- and voila, instant postcard! I don't have photoshop or anything fancy, so I did it all using free online programs and microsoft paint.


I purchased the postcards from ($23 for 100 postcards), using their own vintage backside.


The postage on postcards is only $0.28, so the total cost per save the date (with postage) is $0.51!


Here's a pic (I couldn't figure out how to upload the backside- but you get the point)

My DIY save the dates photo 1

The backside had all the pertinent information- time, date, and our wedding website.