Aug 22, 2010

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Just another one of my little inspiration boards I am addicted to making- aren't these gorgeous?!?

Let there be UPLIGHTING photo 1

Our custom Gobo- I designed it, but they may not be able to use the green...

Let there be UPLIGHTING photo 2

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My little one holding my rings in her hand...

The Bling photo 1

Trying them out together- I love my set.  It is really sparkly, has tons of diamonds, but still dainty enough for my tiny hands! :)  He did a great job on the E-ring and the band!

The Bling photo 2  The Bling photo 3

The Bling photo 4  The Bling photo 5

We just bought Drew's ring today at Jared (we went to Jared! hardy-har!) for... wait for it... $198!!  We looked at White Gold, Palladium, and Platinum, but being the manly man that he is, he wanted something less "shiny".  We found this Tungsten Carbide ring and he LOVES it! It is more of a pewter color than this picture, but it is really nice.

The Bling photo 6  The Bling photo 7 

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Getting ready outfit!

Update: Melissa (plumcrush01) ended up sending me her VS Sexy Little Bride Hoodie as a "Thank You" for throwing her a Bachelorette Party re-take... I didn't expect anything for doing that for her.  It was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat just because I know we showed her a wonderful time.  I know if it had been me or any other PW girl, the wonderful people on here would have done the same. :)

Jewelry and Accessories photo 1

Update: I bought this garter from GarterLady on Etsy... I have to keep it locked up because my cat thinks it is his new toy!! ha ha ha 

Jewelry and Accessories photo 2 

Hair Flowers:

Jewelry and Accessories photo 3Jewelry and Accessories photo 4

  Jewelry and Accessories photo 5


I just bought these beauties... I saw them on SavannahBride and HAD to have them.  They are gorgeous!!  Purchased them from here:

Jewelry and Accessories photo 6

They are even prettier in-person than they are in the pics!!  My sister was like "are those real?"  IN MY DREAMS! :)

Jewelry and Accessories photo 7

My bracelet:

After fretting over being skinny-wristed, I decided to order this bracelet when fellow PW-er jenndover told me she shares the same dilemma and it fit her skinny wrists. :)

Jewelry and Accessories photo 9  Jewelry and Accessories photo 10  

I bought myself this clutch:

Jewelry and Accessories photo 11

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Update: Here she is after my first fitting!!

medium version  

medium version   medium version

medium version

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My vision for my wedding is bright, fun, fresh, and whimsical with a touch of modern elegance...

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 1   Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 2   Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 3   Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 4

   Appletini                       Coral                                   Clementine                         Fuschia

Inspiration boards I've created:

medium version 

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 5

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 6

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 7

Floral Inspiration Board:

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 8

This entire wedding is my inspiration- I absolutely LOVE it!!

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 9

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 10

This is my inspiration for our Sweetheart Table... I love it!!

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 11Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 12

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 13

Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 14Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 15Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 16Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 17Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 18Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 19Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 20Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 21Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 22Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 23Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 24Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 25Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 26Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 27Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 28Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 29Inspiration Deliciously Modern photo 30

originalmedium version

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Engagement Photos photo 1  Engagement Photos photo 2

Engagement Photos photo 3  Engagement Photos photo 4

My little ladybug :)

Engagement Photos photo 5  Engagement Photos photo 6

Engagement Photos photo 7  Engagement Photos photo 8

Engagement Photos photo 9  Engagement Photos photo 10Engagement Photos photo 11  Engagement Photos photo 12  Engagement Photos photo 13

Engagement Photos photo 14  Engagement Photos photo 15

Engagement Photos photo 16  Engagement Photos photo 17

Engagement Photos photo 18  Engagement Photos photo 19

Engagement Photos photo 20  Engagement Photos photo 21

Engagement Photos photo 22  Engagement Photos photo 23

Engagement Photos photo 24  Engagement Photos photo 25

Engagement Photos photo 26