May 29, 2010

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Lesley (my best friend)- MOH                       Jenn (my sister)- MOH

The Bridal Party photo 1The Bridal Party photo 2


Alison (my step-sister)-BM                            Carlee (my sister)-BM

The Bridal Party photo 3The Bridal Party photo 4

Libbi (my sister)-BM                                   Nora (my daughter)- JR BM

The Bridal Party photo 5The Bridal Party photo 6

Lilly (Jesse's Niece)- Flower Girl

The Bridal Party photo 7

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At the very begining of our engagement I was thinking a spring date but in bright colors

. Inspirations Ideas photo 1Inspirations Ideas photo 2

I loved the whole parasol idea...but a lot of family and friends thought I was nuts!Inspirations Ideas photo 3


Then I was thinking softer colors.

Inspirations Ideas photo 4Inspirations Ideas photo 5Inspirations Ideas photo 6Inspirations Ideas photo 7




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I am handmaking all of my stationary.  Thank God for my best friend and for her love for scrapbooking, cardmaking and her crafty brain, I would not have been able to do this, nor, even THINK of it.  She found it on the Sizzix website ( 

Now, its not exactly like this BUT the flower and the ribbon an scroll is 99% close.  Walmart has packs of blank cards (40 for $7), with envelopes too!  Grabbed those, and printed them off at home.  Lesley has diecutters to make the flowers and the scroll so we went to JoAnn's Fabrics and bought the rest of the supplies.  See that yellow strip under the orange? We took yellow card stock for that, then got orange ribbon for that strip, then made the flowers and instead of using a brad, we took a crytal gem and glued it in there.  We used Scotch glue sticks too.  They never came undone (pray they don't).  It was so simple and easy.  And with the two of us we went right through it! We had made 200 invations! 

So far thats all we got done.  Walmart has smaller cards as well.  Not sure the exact size but smaller. What I want to do (and hope that the post office will allow it) is  tear the card in half, use one as the reception card and one as the response card and have them just mail that back in as a post card.  Wouldn't that be a good idea? 

I am very thrilled and happy with our work and super excited to mail them out!


Stationary photo 1

Some of the finished product.  What do you say? Not to shabby!

Stationary photo 2

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I had this picked out almost from day one.  My orignal color scheme was going to be "kiwi and banana" but I am still thinking of keeping my cake as is.


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I chose Kiwi and White as my colors and I am thinking about light baby blue or lavender for flowers and decorations. 

 All of the girls' dresses are by Alfred Angelo. I wanted to make sure that every color was perfect.

My Color Scheme photo 1My Color Scheme photo 2My Color Scheme photo 3My Color Scheme photo 4My Color Scheme photo 5(<---middle one)

My Color Scheme photo 6My Color Scheme photo 7Flower girlAs for the flower girl...I could not find online her dress. BUt its kind of like this....much prettier tho!


Not sure if I want this Light Blue Color....

My Color Scheme photo 8

Or.... this Lavender color intwined with the bouquets and/or linens.

My Color Scheme photo 9

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How We Got Engaged:

On March 9, 2009, we took the day to look at rings. I had no idea that he was going to buy one that day! We found that we had the same taste in rings, which made it easier to choose. So at the end, I knew that he had bought it but I din't know when the proposal was going to happen. It honestly was driving me up the wall knowing it was in my house! I just wanted to take it and just look at it....more like stare! haha And he would do things to get me going, like, put the bag it came in with gold tissue paper, on the counter, or put it next to him on the couch so when I would look at him, it would be right there! Or just keep it on his night stand. DRIVING ME NUTS! haha Well that Wednesday, March 11th, my mom was visiting, spending the night. It was a beautiful warm night for the month of March. My mother asked me if I would color her hair. The kids were in bed and it was 9pm when we decided to do this. In the middle of the coloring, I get a text message from Jesse asking me to join him outside. So after I finished with putting color into my mom's hair I'd gone outside. I knew he had went outside, when its a nice night he likes to swing on our porch swing out front. So I head out there and he is no where on the porch. I look across the street and there he is sitting on a stone bench in the middle of the front garden at St. Leo's Church. I walk over and sat next to him. We talked a bit about how beautiful the night was. And then he starts explaining his love to me. I start to tear up and laugh at the same time. Then he goes and gets on one knee and tells me this beautiful speech and then comes "HUN, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" By this time I am bawling my eyes out and my lips are quivering also. Then he gets up reaches behind the bench into the flower bushes and pulls out 2 bunches of flowers that were assorted. ha ha He says, "I'm sorry that they aren't the best, but Bilo (grocery store) didn't have the best selection." We go into the house, and my mom is in the kitchen washing out her hair color. I am still crying and shaking, Jesse has tears in his eyes and has a smile on his face from ear to ear. And my mom, having her head still in the sink, looks behind through under her arm and sees I am crying and thinks I am crying over the flowers I have in my hands. Then she gets done and looks completely up and sees the flowers and me crying still with a quivering lip and Jesse's grin and says "yeah those are really beautiful flowers." "No, mom, LOOK!" As I throw my hand out in front of her! She flips! "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!", she says. She starts to cry gives us both a big hug and tells us that she is so happy and the whole congrats thing. ~XO~

My Ring! MY RING!!!