Mar 27, 2010

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We got our marriage license today (well we signed the application for it today - 3/8/10 at 10am).  We can pick it up anytime after 10am tomorrow - since there is a 24 hour waiting period in SC.  And yes, I am the bride that asked the lady to take a picture of us as we signed - but she gladly agreed!

Our Marriage License photo 1

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More to come this weekend.  These on here now (3/2) were taken on my Mom's regular old camera and most were taken in between actual photographer shots - so these are not the best quality but it makes me excited about what the REAL ones are going to look like!

Bridal Portrait Session photo 1Bridal Portrait Session photo 2Bridal Portrait Session photo 3Bridal Portrait Session photo 4Bridal Portrait Session photo 5Bridal Portrait Session photo 6

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I know many of us have been looking for these monogram cake toppers for a reasonable price!  I needed a W.  I bought one from thie ebay seller for $25 plus shipping (It was $37.50 total) and I am SUPER IMPRESSED!  It came yesterday and it is gorgeous!  Just thought I would share since I have seen so many postings for this!  They have different styles, single letters, monogram sets, etc...

Sorry for the poor quality of the was taken with my phone!

My Cake Topper photo 1

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Our venue provides black iron lanterns with candles in them on the smaller tables (our reception is outside) so there is no centerpiece needed on those tables.

These vases will be used as centerpieces for the larger tables.  We will have some clear rocks in the bottom of them and a little water.  After the ceremony the bridesmaids will place their bouquets in the vases...and voila...centerpieces on a budget.

DIY Centerpiece Vases photo 1

DIY Centerpiece Vases photo 2 (pardon all the junk on the table in this picture)




White Satin Ribbon

Damask (black and white) Satin Ribbon




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DIY Damask Card Box photo 1


2 Damask Hat Boxes

Red Stain Ribbon



Black Stain Ribbon

Small Rhinestone Frame

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These will go in the OOT bags...Found this FREE Template!

Simply go to the site above and download the template - then you can edit the colors and wording. 

DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 1


So I decided to use just the polka dot and the damask (and to switch the order of our names).  I printed them out today just on plain copy paper, cut them out using a paper cutter and this weekend will be using packing tape to "laminate them".  Another bride that I found on did this and they were totally could not tell that it was tape - because the label was the same size as the tape.  Below are the cut labels that will be "laminated" this weekend!

DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 2

UPDATE:  So I "laminated" the labels this weekend and they are FABULOUS.  I literally cut them out (below) and then laid clear packing tape over them and they were perfect - they look professionally laminated and it cost me next to nothing!!!!!!!!!

DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 3DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 4DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 5DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 6DIY Water Bottle Labels photo 7 Hooked with regular gift wrap tape at the seam.