Jul 31, 2010

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Michael and I first met in November 2007. We both worked at the same place for years and never once saw one another. Not knowing we both signed up to be a part of a bike unit at our job. My first impression of Michael was wow he is handsome, tall and athletic. During our bike training, I made sure Michael was my partner. As partner we became very close and actually work very well together. We both are very competitive people, therefore it showed in our work. At the time we were not even an item, but our peers notice something different about Michael. He smiled more and appeared to be more approachable. I guess I had something to do with that. Our first date was the day before Thanksgiving, we had a great dinner and I knew then, Michael was the one for me. We courted each other for 3 month then made a commitment in February 2008. The following year in March 2009, Michael proposed to me and asked me to marry him. His proposal was very simple, unexpected and very sweet. Michael and I set a date to marry on July 31, 2010.Therefore we have 2 mos and a couple weeks to go. We are both excited and can't wait for our day.