Aug 01, 2010

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I was starting to worry I was going to have to stray from my color scheme for my candy buffet or that I would find candy and it would all be grape and green apple flavored but I think I've found what I need!

Candy buffet photo 1 there's our green apple :)

Candy buffet photo 2Candy buffet photo 3 Grape and apple rock candy. They also come in chunks so thats alwaya an option if we have too much height.

I haven't decided on Jelly Belly's yet but these are the options Candy buffet photo 4 Wild blackberry Candy buffet photo 5 7up Candy buffet photo 6 Grape crush but its a very pretty color Candy buffet photo 7 Mixed berry smoothie Candy buffet photo 8 Mojito Candy buffet photo 9 Watermelon

Of course m&m's come in all colors but I think I'm going to go with these  Candy buffet photo 10triple chocolate and mint chocolate

Candy buffet photo 11 Gummy army men  Candy buffet photo 12 Peachy penguins. I know it sounds weird but I'm happy I'm able to get an unexpected flavor in my purple and green candy buffet :)

Candy buffet photo 13 Key lime taffy Candy buffet photo 14 huckleberry taffy

Candy buffet photo 15

I think this is the one thing I find worth actually buying online Candy buffet photo 16 Blackberry cobler candy corn :)

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Inner bride photo 1

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I got my dress from Lady Margaret's in Puyallup, Wa. I expected dress shopping to be this big long ordeal involving many stores and a lot of dresses but no such luck ;) It was the first store I went to and the 4th dress I put on. I just love it so much!

I originally went in with this picture

My dress photo 1

I knew I didn't want strapless and I imagined myself in something fitted, sheath or mermaid. I had a few other pictures but this was the Only one that really cried out to me. Gorgeous! What I ended up in was this

My dress photo 2My dress photo 3

It had some similarities. The embellishment on the hip, the fanck straps, the corset back. Its A-line so a little fuller than I planned but oh it fits my curves so well, and oh the neck line is amazing and oh how the creamy ivory compliments my skin. I can't believe I only get to wear it for one day!

My dress photo 4My dress photo 5My dress photo 6My dress photo 7My dress photo 8My dress photo 9My dress photo 10 Me and my wonderful mother in law :)

My dress photo 11My dress photo 12

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I'm getting my dresses from Alfred Angelo's. I'm letting my girls decide which dress they want. I love them all for different reasons so why shouldn't they be able to show they're own style :) I just gave them some guidelines. They all have to be eggplant and since my color is so dark I wanted them to be chiffon and shorter length to lighten the feel since its gonna be August. Also to avoid any silly combinations of dresses I told them it was first come first serve and they could only pick a dress no one else had picked yet :)

This is what they picked!

Bridesmaids photo 1Bridesmaids photo 2

The color is not quite right here. They are much prettier in person :)

Bridesmaids photo 3Bridesmaids photo 4

The MOH got hers with Hunter green trim and sash which is our other color :)

Bridesmaids photo 5

Hmmm the pictures don't seem to be working right now... Hopefully I can fix that soon
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I got my jewelry off Overstock. I love it! The creamy pearls go well with my dress and the drop necklace is just right for the v-neck on my dress. Plus it brings in my purple from my wedding

Jewelry photo 1Jewelry photo 2