Jun 05, 2010

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How we met


We met some days after I returned home from my 6 month stay in New York.  It wasn’t really love at first sight, like he was a little shy at the beginning, so we didn’t talk to each other at first because I thought he wasn’t interested. But after a while, especially when I met an other guy I knew, he began to talk to me and we got to know each other better and better…

 Now we’re a couple for about 4 ½ years.
We knew from the beginning on, that one day this special day would eventually happen.. And now, time is flying … only 6 ½ month to our wedding



How he proposed

Actually we were constantly talking about marriage. But Robert wanted to complete his apparenticeship at the police academy.

In July, Robert’s dad invited us to go to Disneyland Paris for some days – he loves it and I can not say how many times he already has been there. Anyway, so we spent 2 days in Disneyland – it was really great! A lot of fun!!

 The 3rd day we drove to Paris. My sweetheart knew that I ever wanted to visit the city of love.
At first we went to the Eiffel Tower – wow!! We where there at about 10 ò clock and there were so many people standing in line for the elevators to get up the tower.

We went all stairs up to the second level!! Suddenly he began to act a little nervous. As all of a sudden he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. He asked and I said YES and kissed him. I knew something was coming, but I did not exactly know when.

It was perfect!!! I’m so happy!!