Jan 01, 2011

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Pro photos finally arrived! All photos by Camille Nolan Photography. Please credit her and me if you copy anything. Thanks! :)

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 1 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 2

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 3

My "something borrowed"--a handkerchief from my sister. It was HER "something old" at her wedding, since it came from my grandmother originally.

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 4 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 5

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 6

My wonderful hair & makeup artist, Cara Sue Hall.

 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 8

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 9

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 10 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 11

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 12


PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 15 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 16

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 17

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 18 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 19

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 20 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 21

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 22

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 23

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 24  PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 27

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 28 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 29

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 30 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 31

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 32 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 33

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 34 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 35

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 36 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 37

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 38 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 39

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 40

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 41

Hard to put on the veil when A)My sister is already a good 6 inches shorter than I am and B)I just put on 4" heels...

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 42 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 43

I had actually never tried on the veil before the wedding day!

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 44 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 45

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 46 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 47

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 48 PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 49

It's actually happening!

PRO PHOTOS Getting ready photo 50

My beautiful sister and MOH, Julia. You can see the sweet basket of goodies on the table behind us--she assembled it for DH and I to munch on after the wedding and on the honeymoon! (And put a sexy nightie in the bottom, since the ladies at Victoria's Secret were NO help and I had nothing to wear on my wedding night! :-O)



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After the wedding it was time to hit the reception! DH and I piled into my car and went straight to.... Sonic! Hehehe. We told the carhop that we had just got married, but he didn't seem too impressed. ;) Then off we went to the reception!

Steven's uncle is a professional DJ and had offered his services to us as a wedding gift. We hadn't planned any grand entrance--no songs or announcing of the bridal party--but he did announce us as we came in. :) My sister was on top of things and got DH and I plates of food right away so we could sit down and eat. Lots of people stopped to chat with us as they waited in the buffet line. It worked out really well.

Wedding Recap The Reception photo 2

Since we got done eating before everyone else, DH and I took some time to circulate the room and say hello to everyone, ask how they were enjoying the food, etc. The timing worked out really well.

We cut the cake and toasted with Dr. Pepper...

...and then we ate more cake, because it was SO GOOD. We couldn't possibly put it down after one bite! And the second time we weren't as nice. ;) The DJ gave us a minute to go clean the frosting off our faces, and then we had our first dance!

My dad and I danced; Steven danced with his mom (who bawled the entire time,) and then everybody danced!

Only flaws of the reception:

  • We had borrowed some coffee percolators from the church to heat water in for our hot chocolate bar. (We rented a couple to brew coffee in.) After years of brewing coffee, the water that came out was black. :P Our DOC handled it, though.
  • When the caterer tried to run my debit card, it didn't work. I had specifically gone to the bank that week to say, "I'm getting married this weekend and a lot of money is going to be coming out of my account at once, is that a problem?" and they specifically told me, "No, as long as you have the money in the account it's not an issue." They didn't mention that their debit cards have a daily limit, which they could have raised for the weekend. My dad had a credit card and paid the caterer, and I reimbursed my dad (since the money WAS THERE!!!), but I was annoyed.

We danced, and ate more cake, and fogged up the windows of the reception hall, and all around had a great time. :)

And when we were worn out, we danced one last dance...

Wedding Recap The Reception photo 10

And away we went!

Wedding Recap The Reception photo 11

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I woke up to the hotel phone ringing and my sister tackle/hugging me on the bed before running to answer it (it was our wake-up call.) We both took showers and soon Room Service was knocking on our door with breakfast. (We had hung our order on the doorknob the night before.)

Wedding Recap The Big Day photo 1

I had a fruit and yogurt parfait and orange juice--yum!

Soon the hair/makeup artist arrived---Cara Sue Hall. She was amazing! She and my sister met on another wedding website 5 years ago and had their weddings in the same summer. They still have some friends in common and spent the morning chatting about people and restaurants in Kansas City, etc. I lay on the couch in my fuzzy robe while my sister had her hair done and almost fell asleep again! I was so relaxed, it was crazy. :)  The photographer arrived in time to take pictures of me getting my hair and makeup done. It all looked SO GOOD--I loved my hair so much more than the trial (which I had loved, too!) and the makeup looked so tasteful but gorgeous. I knew Cara Sue would do an awesome job, but holy cow--she rocked it out of the park. :) She was so friendly and relaxed and just made my morning so non-stressful.

Cara Sue left and it was just me, Camille Nolan (the photographer) and my sister. Time to get into the dress! Camille got some photos and then had to put down the camera to help my sister lace me into it... it needed more than one set of hands! It was kind of odd, having it be just the 3 of us, but my sister was my only attendant and my mom got ready at home. 

Showtime! Camille went down to the hotel lobby first, where Steven was waiting (and pacing, nervously.) My sister and I hung back for a few moments and then followed her down. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Steven was right there... I was tucked back into the corner so he had a few extra seconds of suspense. We were both so happy to see each other!

We were staying in an old, historic hotel that had a lot of great photo ops inside and out... Once we went outside I put on my coat because it was SOOO COLD!  At this point I wish we had thought more about other places to take photos--we wound up going to the church almost an hour early because we had nothing else to do.

All the family arrived and we took every combination of family photos imaginable. And then... we sat. We had so much extra time that afternoon... my mom was reading books to my nephew, Steven and I just sat in the pews and chit-chatted with the groomsmen.

 This is when things kind of started to go wrong. ;)

  • I had wanted to be tucked back out of the way before the majority of guests showed up. However, DH's little sister didn't show up early for photos like she was supposed to, so we wound up taking a gigantic family photos about 15 minutes before the ceremony when a lot of guests had arrived. Oh well.
  • The pastor didn't get there until about 10 minutes before the ceremony and he was mad that we had moved things off the altar during pictures. He had told us weeks before that he'd clear the altar, have a plain cross instead of the crucifix and that we'd have room to put a flower arrangement on the altar. Didn't happen--we had bleeding Jesus on the altar and our flowers were on the floor in front of it. Again--oh well.
  • At the rehearsal, none of us were really happy with how the pastor just kind of stuck my mom off to the side. I had talked about it with my parents and we decided my dad would get my mom seated before the official processional began so her wheelchair could be off to the side and she wouldn't have to get seated in front of everyone. Then we all gathered in back to get ready for the processional... except who should come rolling up but my mom? The pastor had made her get up from her seat, get to her wheelchair, and come back so we could do things just like we'd rehearsed. I was mad, my dad and sister were mad, my mom was willing to go with it just to not cause trouble... my dad wound up taking her BACK out and seating her again. I don't know if he said anything to the pastor or not.
  • The music got messed up. We had a disc with 3 songs. Song 1: All the moms/grandmas are seated. Song 2: DH and his groomsmen go up aisle, followed by the flower girl and MOH. Song 3: Mine! I don't know if my sister got confused or the cousin running the music did, but they cut off song 2 after DH and his groomsmen walked down, so my sister and the flower girl walked down to the beginning of my song. :( We just had him lower the volume so I could be announced and then turn it back up again so it wouldn't be obvious (restarting the song would have been noticeable.)
  • The pastor never told us to kiss! I should have known from how reluctant he was to discuss it at the rehearsal. We wound up sneaking a tiny one in the middle. At the end when we turned around to go back up the aisle, I was so focused on getting flowers from my sister and she was like, "Don't you want to kiss your husband?" What pastor doesn't tell the couple to kiss? So weird. Honestly, the pastor was the worst part of the day.

But then.... we were married!!!!! We did a receiving line (I'm glad, because some people didn't come to the reception) and then off to the reception!


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I figured it was about time I posted a detailed wedding recap! I'm going to break this up into segments because it's kind of long!

The week leading up to the wedding:

I was supposed to work Monday and Tuesday, but wound up getting sick so I only worked Monday and spent a lot of the week in bed or feeling like a space cadet. Lots of NyQuil and DayQuil got me through!

Friday (day before the wedding), I met my sister at a salon where I got a manicure and she got a pedicure. It was very relaxing, although my sister and I were across the room from one another so we couldn't really talk. We went out to lunch and then she left to run some "super secret errands." I picked up tablecloths from the caterer, then ran back to my parents' house and got ready for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.

My parents and I drove separately but arrived at the church at the same time. My mom was using her new powered wheelchair, which is very heavy and takes a little time to get out of the car. I went ahead inside since we were supposed to start the rehearsal at 5:00 and we were almost late.

The pastor insisted we get started and made everybody sit down and went over the "rules" of the rehearsal in kind of a condescending tone. He told everyone to turn off their cell phones, etc. My parents still were not inside, which we told him when he tried to put everyone in their places. They finally got inside and started to go over who would sit where--the pastor decided my mom should just park her wheelchair up at the front of the church, not in a pew--just off to the side. That's where he wanted her to be during the wedding.

At this point my dad's cell phone rang (remember: the pastor would not wait for my parents to get inside to start the rehearsal, so my dad didn't hear the "rules"). It was my grandma, who was lost trying to find the church. The pastor started yelling after my dad (who he didn't even know was my dad!), saying "SIR ON THE CELL PHONE!!!" My big sister/MOH told him that our dad was helping our grandma find the church, IT'S FINE. At some point after that she leaned over to me and whispered, "Um, the pastor is kind of a douche!"

We rehearsed everything. Steven asked the pastor at one point, "Is that where I kiss her?" and the pastor was like, "Well, I GUESS you can do a kiss there, but not a big one. Just a really quick peck." (Warning sign!)

The rehearsal dinner was held in the same place as our reception--Steven's family hosted it and cooked the food themselves. They made some really cute dessert plates and salt and pepper shakers that went with our colors/theme.

After the dinner the parents and most of the kids left and it was just Steven and me, my sister the MOH, Steven's groomspeople, and the ushers. We started decorating for the reception. My sister and I got focused on getting the coffee bar just right, and when we turned around--voila! Pretty much everything was set up! Steven and I had talked a lot about how we wanted things to look, and he got it done without me having to direct things. Steven's cousin (one of the ushers) works for a hotel that hosts a lot of weddings, and he snuck over and borrowed some table skirts for the head table, cake table, and coffee bar, which made them look super extra nice. I was so grateful!

After that my sister and I went off to our hotel where we barely stayed up through midnight before going to sleep.

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For our card box, I found a box shaped like a book at Hobby Lobby. It was Christmas themed, so I used mod podge to cover it with paper, then painted it brown and added the lettering. I left the inside as it was when I bought it--it was green, one of our colors.

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 1

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 2

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 3

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 4

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 5

Our ring box was semi-DIY. We did not make the box, obviously. :D DH bought it from Kay Jewelers (where both of our rings came from.) It's a regular jewelry box with a deep inside. He fitted it with foam and satin and made the slit for our rings to fit in. The best man carried this on the wedding day. The best part is that the foam and everything is totally removable so now I have a pretty jewelry box!

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 6

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 7

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 8

Example of how the rings would fit in there... my rings interlock and have to be put together when not on my finger, so we needed something that could hold them together, not just have them loose in someone's pocket. Here's a pic of my ring complete with wedding band:

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 9

The smaller diamonds on the upper left/lower right are part of the wedding band.

Here's our DIY Guest book tree. I did a mock-up first that was pretty awful but the second time around it was much better.

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 11

Here it is at the wedding... you can see I added our names and wedding date.

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 12

And the final product!

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 13

And our very last minute DIY... programs! I got sick a week before the wedding and if not for DH's best man coming over one evening to help us assemble, these would not have been completed. I designed the inside and we got it printed on ivory paper. We bought some green and brown cards, some ribbon, and a decorative corner punch.

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 14

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 15

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 16

DIY Card box Ring box MORE photo 17


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Wedding Non Pros Details photo 1

Guest Book Tree in action!

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 2

Flower Girl's pomander. It was mostly hydrangeas and they kept falling out, boo. I think it lasted through the ceremony but it pretty much broke in half afterwards, before we even left the church! Maybe because it was in the hands of a 4 year old for several hours?

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 3

Bouquets (my sister's is harder to see in the background.)

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 4

My bouquet! Amaryllis, roses, hydrangea

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 5

Cake topper on the cake

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 6

Cake! Loved the scrollwork and it worked well on our DIY cake stand.

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 7

Coffee/Hot Chocolate bar! (We added a table skirt after this photo was taken.)

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 8

Close up of the jars... candy canes, marshmallows, cocoa.

Wedding Non Pros Details photo 9

Yum yum!

Our wedding rings