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Here's an update on our DIY cake stand.

To review, we decided to make our own cake stand using components purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, and Hobby Lobby.

The pillar on the cake stand is this candle holder from Target.

The top is from a round decorator table from Wal-Mart--they come in flat boxes with 3 legs, and are made to put a cloth over and a round glass topper. They're less than $20.

The bottom is a plain, unfinished wooden plate from Hobby Lobby.

FI & his grandpa took the time to glue the pieces together with wood glue and screwed everything in place. This baby is never coming apart! With a little trial and error (FI started spray painting and realized that the particle board topper soaked up paint like the Sahara) we spray primed it, sanded it lightly (the primer went on kind of gritty for some reason), and spray painted it. It may need another coat, then some kind of sealer. We may buy the glass topper sold at Wal-Mart to go with the table (hey, it'll be the right size!) to put on while the cake is on it.

Here it is right now:

DIY Cake Stand photo 1

DIY Cake Stand photo 2

DIY Cake Stand photo 3

The last picture is without flash to show the color a little better--it's darker than the first couple of photos make it seem. I don't know what kind of embellishment we'll do, if any. It's still kind of up in the air right now.


UPDATE 10/30/10

It's done! We didn't wind up adding much to it, but FI did some extra coats of paint and a few coats of clear gloss on top. We also bought the glass that's meant to go on top of the table from Wal-Mart to use on the big day and protect it from any stray frosting. I don'tknow if you can see much difference in these photos from the old ones, but here it is, all done and shiny!


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I had my dress fitting! The good news: I don't need any major alterations! The seamstress is going to go over it for loose threads and missing beads, and put in a one-point overbustle. I tried it with a crinoline this time and it definitely made it look better, so now I'm on the hunt for a crinoline. Also I am on the hunt for shoes with a heel... the seamstress told me I'd save a ton of money on alterations if I had even a one inch heel, because then she wouldn't have to trim the tulle at the bottom of my skirt. So..... new shoe time!

Here are the pics! I decided I won't wear a necklace, just some sweet earrings. Next time I go in they should have my veil to try on!

Dress Fitting photo 1 Dress Fitting photo 2

Dress Fitting photo 3 Dress Fitting photo 4

Dress Fitting photo 5 Dress Fitting photo 6

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A whole gallery of program ideas:

A few I like:

More Decor ideas Ceremony Reception photo 6

More Decor ideas Ceremony Reception photo 7


 A gallery of program ideas from Better Homes & Gardens:


lace program

LOVE the lace! This one is #1 on my list of inspirations.



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This is the reception location--it's a ballroom dance studio:

Reception Decor brainstorming photo 1

We will be using their tables and chairs (you can see them in the background.) We'll put 2 together end-to-end to have longer tables. Our caterer has white tablecloths that we are renting. The tables are narrower than normal--about 2' wide by 6' long.

My sister and I went shopping at Joann's and got 2 bolts of fabric--just under 10 yards of each--one is brown, one is green. FI's mom & grandma are going to sew table runners for us.

Here's the fabric:

It's got a crinkly satiny finish.

For centerpieces we're doing glassware of different types with candles and different fillers/items surrounding. I like this picture:

Reception Decor brainstorming photo 4

We'll do a variety of stuff either in the glasses surrounding the candles or on the table. Ideas are: coffee beans, marbles, pebbles, natural balls (like above), Christmas ornaments, other vase fillers in our colors.


This is the overall effect I think we want, with different heights of candles and things surrounding them (not flower, though):


We couldn't find any candle holders we loved, then I saw an idea in the Big Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano. (One of the decorators from TLC.) He took glassware, glued it together with E6000 glue, and made his own candle holders. We went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of different glass dishes and glasses ($1 each!) and did some glueing. Some are fine on their own, too.


A couple of big goblets/glasses that will work on their own. We'll put a votive in there and surround it with something, and have some small votives on the table around them probably.


Small glass sundae dish, turned upside down, as the base; big glass plate glued on top. Voila! Pedestal candle holder. We can put a big pillar candle on this one, and surround it with balls or ornaments like the inspiration picture above.

Small dessert bowl turned upside down for the base; decorative glass bowl for the top. E600 to glue them together (it's a clear-drying super glue. We let them sit for over 24 hours after gluing.)

In the foreground--martini glass turned upside down as a base, glass tumbler as the candle holder on top. A votive will go in here perfectly.

I'm starting to get an idea of what things may look like, but still don't have the whole "vision" pulled together--it's a work in progress. :)

ETA: Here are some pictures of the centerpieces with filler!


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FI & I are pretty much DIY-ing all of our wedding stationary to some degree. We bought blank note cards & envelopes from Hobby Lobby (about $6-$7 per pack of 50--pretty awesome!), and some stamps to dress them up.

FI & I have a "thing" for moose, and in the process of finding a cute bird stamp for our STD's, we found this stamp and HAD to have it! It seemed perfect for our thank you cards. We also used a little heart stamp on the inside corner of the cards, and matched it on the lower right corner of the envelopes.

More DIY Thank you notes a cake stand photo 1

Moose! In holy moosetrimony, perhaps? :D

More DIY Thank you notes a cake stand photo 2

See the matching hearts? :)

I may come up with a different TY card for shower gifts--we'll see.

A work in progress is our cake stand. So far we've just bought the components. I was inspired by this tutorial on Wedding Bee.

I didn't realize it at the time, but we got the exact same candle holder ($10) from Target for our stand as is in the inspiration! For the top we bought a Decorator Table from WalMart ($8!!!). It comes with the legs separate, and has brackets on the underside to screw them into. We figure we can leave the brackets alone--nobody should be looking on the underside. It's almost 20" across, and according to the best size charts I can find, the bottom of our 4-tier petal shaped cake is probably going to be 15".

To stabilize the bottom I got a wooden plate from Hobby Lobby ($9) that's about 15" across. That should be enough to keep the stand from tipping over. We'll need to screw all the pieces together, then sand and paint. I don't know if I'll do the hanging crystal decorations like in the inspiration--FI suggested a thick lace border which might be kind of nice. We'll see.

More DIY Thank you notes a cake stand photo 4

Mock-up---not attached or centered, really.You can sort of see the grey bumps on the bottom that are the brackets for table legs. Don't be confused by it sitting on my round coffee table. :)

More DIY Thank you notes a cake stand photo 5

The 3 pieces--excuse the grody looking top of the candlestick. It had a plastic dish in it to hold a candle that FI had to pry out so it'd have a flat top, and it left a lot of glue behind. It won't be visible when it's put together.The wooden plate (right under the candlestick) is upside down--that'll leave room on the underneath to put screws in without it upsetting the balance.

That's it for now--I promise to update on the cake stand as it progresses!