Jan 01, 2011

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After many weeks of trying to nail down a date with our photographer, FI and I finally took our engagement photos! Many, many thanks to the fabulous Camille Nolan for her awesome work. I can't wait until our wedding--I know she's going to knock our socks off with her photography!

Engagement Photos photo 1  Engagement Photos photo 4

Engagement Photos photo 5 Engagement Photos photo 6

Engagement Photos photo 7 Engagement Photos photo 8

Engagement Photos photo 9 Engagement Photos photo 10


Engagement Photos photo 13 Engagement Photos photo 14

Engagement Photos photo 15 Engagement Photos photo 16 Engagement Photos photo 17

Engagement Photos photo 18 Engagement Photos photo 19 Engagement Photos photo 20

Engagement Photos photo 21 Engagement Photos photo 23  Engagement Photos photo 26

Engagement Photos photo 27 Engagement Photos photo 28

Engagement Photos photo 29 Engagement Photos photo 30

Engagement Photos photo 31 Engagement Photos photo 32

Engagement Photos photo 33 Engagement Photos photo 34

 Engagement Photos photo 36 Engagement Photos photo 37

Engagement Photos photo 38 Engagement Photos photo 39

Engagement Photos photo 40 Engagement Photos photo 41

Engagement Photos photo 42 Engagement Photos photo 43

 Engagement Photos photo 45 Engagement Photos photo 46

Engagement Photos photo 47


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This was my first custom item ordered from Etsy!


We picked these stickers to match our STD's (see the birds? matching? woo!):

Etsy purchase Return address stickers photo 1

From MAUpromos

Instead of our first names and wedding date, they have our full names and return address. The orange stuff is green and the grey stuff is brown. The shop owner was really quick to get back with me to answer my questions. I placed the order around 9pm and the proof was in my inbox when I woke up the next morning.

My sister has ordered lots of stuff from this owner's other shop (MAUstudio) and has always been super happy with it. There are a bunch of CUTE pug and boston terrier stickers and things at MAUstudio.

I am VERY happy with my experience with MAUpromos! The stickers arrived in about a week and are just what I wanted. Here's how mine turned out:

Etsy purchase Return address stickers photo 2

(Personal info intentionally blurred... image quality not intentionally blurry.)

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As previously stated in my bio, FI and I fell in love with the birdies cake topper from Etsy's RedLightStudio:

DIY Cake Topper photo 1

Alas, it is $$$... $90-$105ish. And our budget is itty bitty.

Then I saw how PW's fabulous LauraSweet did her own DIY of one of RedLightStudio's cake toppers, and was inspired! I showed FI and he tried his hand at the art of Sculpey. I posted about that here. What resulted were these:

DIY Cake Topper photo 2

Over the weekend I tried my hand at painting them. Tonight I got all the materials to add the finishing touches and...... here they are!

DIY Cake Topper photo 3

The groom is in the colors FI will wear and has a similar tie... the bride's dress has a similar pattern to mine (though mine's not so silver.)

DIY Cake Topper photo 4

DIY Cake Topper photo 5

We're still trying to figure out the nest thing... I have some ideas, but for right now I'm very happy with how they've come out! We spent less than $20, and a lot of that was materials that we have tons of leftovers of to use for future projects! (I know FI is imagining some Warhammer 40k figurines out of leftover Sculpey or something else similarly nerdy.)

Update 8/27/10:

So I finally got around to assembling a nest for our birds! I made it using raffia (It was $4-$5 from Hobby Lobby). The raffia was about 3 feet long; I started with a bunch of maybe 10-20 strands. I twisted them together and started coiling. I used a big plastic needle (from the knitting section of HL) threaded with a long piece of raffia and used it to bind the coil together. As I added coils to the outside I'd "stitch" the new coil to the one before it (basically wrapping around 2 coils at a time). When my big coil was running out, I gathered a new bunch of raffia, overlapped the ends of the 2 coils, and used a spare piece of raffia to wrap the overlapped part tightly and then tied it off. Those areas are a little thicker but not too bad since the raffia isn't all uniform in length--it kind of thins out toward the end of the coil. Once I got close to finishing the nest, I stopped twisting the raffia into a tight coil and instead just left it as a straight bunch that I continued to sew to the previous coil as before--that made the rim of the nest look more natural.

It's a tad lopsided (I'm sure I could perfect it with practice, but I'm not sure I want to do it over again!) but I think it will work well. We'll be adding some moss or something into the bottom of the nest so the birds sit up a little higher and to add a bit of color. We also might put some flowers or a ribbon on the edge.

Here it is!

DIY Cake Topper photo 6

DIY Cake Topper photo 7

I put a few loose strands of raffia in where the moss will go for these photos--but ou can kind of see the coils and how it's "sewn".

FINAL UPDATE 11/12/10:

Here it is... the finished product! I did this a couple of weeks ago (after having the materials lying around for oh, a month?) but just got around to loading the photos.

Next time you see these birdies, it's gonna be on top of my wedding cake!!

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Being that my wedding is in the middle of winter, it's probably going to be cold and/or snowy outside. I've been looking for a second pair of shoes that I could wear outside if we do any outdoor pictures so my poor toes don't freeze off!

Then the other day I was browsing Etsy and these lovelies appeared in MY SIZE!

More green shoes photo 1

From Etsy seller ScottieinaCanoe. I haven't received them yet, but I'm excited!

UPDATED: The boots arrived really quickly and are great. They fit just right! I can see a little wear on them, but they are vintage so that's to be expected--it's nothing you'd see in photos, and you have to really look to see it in person. I'll have to practice walking in them because the heels are pretty narrow, but I'm very happy with my purchase.

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I'm really excited... this woman has been doing cakes for 18 years or so. My sister and I went to meet her and she works out of her house--she had an entire room devoted to cakes! She had lots of mock-cakes on shelves to show her decorating work, and several photo albums of her work.

We're getting a 4 tier cake in a "petal" shape--the tiers will be shaped like this:

Let them eat CAKE photo 1

(Image found here)

It'll be frosted in a white buttercream with brown piping. It will look like the picture below, except the piping will fade down (as shown) and up, so the top and bottom tiers will have the piping kind of fading away, then the little dots to fill in after that. No ribbon on the tiers.

This is a photo from my actual baker's website:

Let them eat CAKE photo 2

The piping will be just like that! :)

So, 4 tiers and 4 flavors:

Bottom tier: Spice cake with cream cheese filling

2nd tier: White cake

3rd tier: Chocolate cake with dark chocolate filling

Top tier: Marble cake

The baker is Helen's Cakes & Cookies. FI and I tried her cake at a bridal show and it was to.die.for. It's kind of a splurge, but it's not that much over our original budget and we've got extra money because our photographer was a steal. Hooray!! :)

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FI and I made our own STD's. We ordered cover-weight paper in Moss from Paper Source, some chocolate brown envelopes from Cards & Pockets, and a cute bird stamp from Addicted to Rubber Stamps.

We designed them ourselves in Microsoft Word and got them printed at Fed Ex Kinkos. We had a little trouble with the Kinkos guy, because he wanted to mess with our design. He claimed there is no such thing as "4 bar size" envelopes/notecards, and that all envelopes come in variations of "A"--A6, A10, whatever. He wanted to make our cards a lot bigger. Newsflash: There are a lot of envelope sizes, dude! So, these are 4 bar sized (cards are 3 1/2" x 4 7/8", envelopes are 3 5/8" x 5 1/8".)

We found this awesome magnetic tape so our cards can be stuck on the fridge--it come on a roll like scotch tape, and is about the thickness of duct tape.

The stamp is heat embossed--stamped using an embossing ink pad, then covered in embossing powder (in the color Chestnut), then heated with an embossing gun.

Without further ado... here they are!

DIY Save the Date cards photo 1

Card alone

DIY Save the Date cards photo 2

Card with envelope

DIY Save the Date cards photo 3

A better view of the embossing

DIY Save the Date cards photo 4

FI working away, cutting the STD's...we printed them 4 to a page.

DIY Save the Date cards photo 5

The back of the STD's, with the magnetic tape in the background....

Breakdown of cost:

Paper (30 sheets of cover weight in Moss from Paper Source): $17.13 (including shipping)

Envelopes (120 RSVP 3 5/8" x 5 1/8" European Flap from Cards & Pockets): $23.98 (incl. shipping)

Stamp (Wedding Riley & Sophie from Addicted to Rubber Stamps): $14.44 (incl. shipping)

Embossing Powder (Zing! Embossing powder in Chestnut from Hobby Lobby): $2.99

Printing (By FedEx Kinkos): $2.75

The embossing ink came in a kit from Wal-Mart, along with 3 colors of embossing powder and a lot of clear acrylic stamps and a mounting block. The kit was about $18.

Total Cost: about $61.80