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UPDATE: As stated below, my seamstress told me to buy heels to save a bundle on alterations.... so here are the real shoes I'll be wearing to the wedding.

Two Lips Trust Fund pump

By the way, I TOTALLY recommend for shoe shopping. It's associated with, therefore trustworthy--and they have FREE overnight or two-day shipping on pretty much all of their shoes, and free return shipping. I tried a couple of different style before I got these, and returning the shoes and getting a refund was absolutely no issue.




I have been on a never ending hunt to find GREEN SHOES for my wedding. You would not believe how hard it is to find a decent green shoe, much less green flats. However, I finally found a possibility while surfing on Zappos one day, and when they arrived I knew... this was it!

Green shoes photo 1

The style is Helena Driver in the brand Elie Tahari. Color is dark olive.

They look a lot darker in the photo than in person. In the picture they are nearly black, but you can tell they are green in person.

Updated to add my personal photos:

Green shoes photo 2

Green shoes photo 3

Green shoes photo 4


When I had my first dress fitting, the seamstress told me I could save a ton of money on alterations/hemming if I went with a bit of a heel. So... goodbye to these shoes. I'm not too heartbroken--I wasn't head over heels in love with them. If anyone is interested, I think they are a size 9. I'd be open to selling or loaning. :)

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I'm trying to get all of my ideas in one place, so I've been playing with inspiration boards on Polyvore. I will update as I make more.

Inspiration Boards photo 1

Here's an inspiration I made using PW's new Inspiration Boards tool. I found this photo shoot on the Deep Grey blog. I love this hairstyle.

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Here's the ring we got for Steven... it's from Kay Jewelers. It's made of Tungsten Carbide so it won't scratch or break.

Inspiration Photos photo 1

The tux: (Style is Chocolate Parisian)

Inspiration Photos photo 2


Some flower inspirations. I love shades of white with amaryllis:

Inspiration Photos photo 3 Inspiration Photos photo 4

Inspiration Photos photo 5 Inspiration Photos photo 6

Some cake inspirations:

Inspiration Photos photo 7 Inspiration Photos photo 8

Steven likes the brown swirls. However, he does not want ribbon (real ribbon) on the cake, and he likes cakes where the tiers have space between them. We may have to compromise. ;)

I really wanted a s'mores bar for my wedding, but after some thinking I have decided that logistically speaking it's probably just too difficult. Soooo... on to plan #2. Cocoa/Coffee bar! Have lots of mix ins--candies, whipped cream, liqueurs, marshmallows, etc.

Inspiration Photos photo 9



And some really cute heart-shaped marshmallows on Etsy... if I made my own flavored marshmallows this would be really fun!


Inspiration Photos photo 10

Source: Etsy seller lavieenrosebakery

A cute wintery favor idea... birdseed hangers:

Inspiration Photos photo 11

Source: Etsy seller naturefavors

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One Friday afternoon, I knew something was up. Normally I call Steven as I am leaving work for the day (he gets off of work a few hours before I do.) He texted me earlier in the day to say not to call me when I get off, but just to go home.

When I got home, there was a vase with 3 individually wrapped roses waiting. One of the roses had an attached florist's card. On the card he said that he wanted to take me out to dinner, but I was going to have to find him first! The rules were that I couldn't call him, but I could text him if I needed help. The first clue led me back to work. While I went home and got ready, he snuck over to my office and put another rose with a clue outside the door.

I got to my office and was immediately confused, because I didn't see anything looking like a clue. It turns out one of my helpful coworkers who left after I did decided to move the rose inside. Fortunately, I could see it from the window and I have keys to the building. It was the work of a second to dash in and grab the rose.

So, the moved rose kind of threw me off--and then I couldn't figure out the second clue. He has cleverly capitalized two words in the clue that were to lead me to my next destination---Applebee's.

My little scavenger hunt wound up taking me to about 6 different restaurants. At each place he had left a rose at the hostess' podium. They were surprisingly nice about keeping them there, considering we didn't actually eat at any of them. Wink I did get a bit stressed out once I got to Applebee's--I didn't know what the "pattern" of the clues was, I didn't know if Steven was inside, I didn't know where the clue was---and most of all, it was 6pm on a Friday night and all of the restaurants were 1) PACKED and 2) had NO parking. I actually started to cry from the stress Sad and wound up calling Steven. He calmed me down, apologized profusely for not thinking about the parking issue, and helped me to see the pattern of what I was doing (suggesting that, even though it wasn't in order, I go to the restaurant connected to Applebee's next so I wouldn't have to fight for parking there again.)

In the end, I wound up being sent BACK to my house, where another rose was waiting outside that revealed the pattern in case I hadn't figured it out. I had, though---inside each clue's envelope was a single letter (under the flap). In order, they spelled out the REAL restaurant we were going to! I went to the restaurant, got another rose from the hostess, and was led to a private back room where my Steven was waiting. By that point I was starving, so when the waitress came in and asked if we'd seen the specials board on the way in and Steven decided to order the "special appetizer", I wasn't too surprised. I was surprised when the "special appetizer" turned out to be a ring box on a plate, though! Smiley

Cue big tears in both of our eyes, and much joy in our hearts. Smiley Smiley

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In December of 2007 I was on Yahoo! Personals. I liked them as a dating site because they let you view photos of people, write a very detailed bio, and receive messages without paying for the site. They even had a large selection of pre-set responses you could send if someone sent you a message.

There was a guy who sent me a few messages and seemed really nice. Finally he said he wasn't going to send any more unless he got more of a response from me. So, I decided to become a paying member. Then I was able to exchange Yahoo messenger names with people. I wound up chatting with a couple of different guys a few times. The original guy who pushed me to become a paying member didn't pan out, but I was chatting pretty frequently with Steven.

On New Year's Eve 2007 I was once again chatting with Steven, who asked if I wanted to meet him. He kind of put me on the spot and made me admit I didn't have plans for that night and would probably just be sitting at home on my computer all evening. I finally agreed to go on a date. He lived in a town about an hour from mine, so while he was driving to my town I made a reservation at a restaurant for about 9pm.

At the time I was working at a funeral home and living in an apartment in the basement. I think it nearly scared him off, but he still came to pick me up and even brought me flowers! We went to dinner and had to wait a while, so we sat in the restaurant lounge and wound up having some really great conversation. After dinner I invited him into my apartment to watch a movie. I was pretty nervous sitting on the couch with his arm around me, but gradually relaxed. At midnight he gave me a kiss... which turned into a lot more kissing! He was an amazing kisser!!

We started up a cautious relationship. At one point about 6 weeks after we started seeing each other, Steven got cold feet and decided to call it off. I was disappointed, but decided that I couldn't force him to want to be with me. I guess playing it cool payed off, because about 2 weeks later he was calling me up and missing me like crazy!

We did our slightly-long distance relationship for over a year. In March of 2009 I lost my job and decided to start over in Steven's town. It was different being in the same town and being able to see each other any day of the week if we wanted to instead of just on weekends. We had a couple of rough moments, but living close to one another helped us to get a better feel for whether we could work together long-term.

We had mentioned marriage before, but toward the end of the summer it started to come up more and more often. I could sense that Steven still had a bit of hesitation, but wasn't going to push him. Then, one Sunday morning he came into the bedroom where I was sleeping and sat next to me on the bed. I looked at him and it was like his eyes were speaking volumes. I asked him what was on his mind, and he hesitated to answer. I asked him again and he blurted out, "Will you marry me?" I gave him a big kiss and told him OF COURSE!!!

He felt like he hadn't proposed "properly", so he told me he was going to do it right. About a week later he did the official proposal with a ring.

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We had a somewhat small (comparatively speaking, anyway) budget for our wedding. $10,000. Here's how we budgeted it out:

Photography: $1500    

Actual Cost: $900

Dress/Bridal Attire: $1000 

Actual Cost: $800 (Dress & Veil)

                     $100 (Alterations)

                     $100 (shoes- two pairs)

Invites/Thank You's/Stationary: $500

Actual Cost: $160 (DIY Invitation Kits)

                       $24 (STD Envelopes)

                       $18 (STD Paper)

                       $49 ( Rubber stamps for STDs, invitations, and thank yous)

                       $50 (Wedding map design + printing)

                       $40 (Program supplies and printing)

                       $100 (approx. for postage stamps for STD's and invites)

                   Total: $441

Catering/Food: $3200

 Actual Cost: $2800, including linen rentals and tip for server

Cake: $400

Actual cost: $460

Flowers: $600

Quoted cost: $624

We made some adjustments to the flower order, so in the end...

Actual cost: $705

Ceremony site/Musicians: $800

Actual Cost: $150 donation to church (Would have been more if not for the pastor's attitude...)

Reception Site: $1000

Actual cost: $1000


We didn't budget for a couple of things, but here's what we paid...

$60 (coffee urn rentals)

$50 (approx. glassware for centerpieces)

$30 (filler for centerpieces)

$90 (fabric for table runners--DH's grandmother sewed them for us)

$100 (supplies for coffee bar, cake plates and forks, beverage napkins, ice)

$200 (Reception coordinator--definitely money well spent!)

$190 (Hair & Makeup for bride and makeup for MOB)

There were of course other miscellaneous expenses--gifts for my mom and MOH; my last minute purchase of spare shoes which were DEFINITELY needed, all the Ny-Quil I consumed the week leading up to the wedding... I don't have exact totals. All in all, though, I think it's safe to say that we came in right around our $10,000 budget!