Nov 06, 2010

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   It was time for us to get out and get a vacation. We were so stressed with work and not having a enough time for each other that we decided to take a much needed vacation to my favorite place Miami. We spent 7 beautiful days in Miami and relaxed as much as possible and just had a blast. It was our last day and we wanted make our last day special because who knows when we would've been able to have a vacation like this again. So he had a limo driver drive us to the restaurant were we had a very nice and romantic dinner. We then drove back to the hotel and walked on the beach. We ran on the beach holding hands, splashed in the water, wrote our names in the sand and just has so much fun together. We then ran onto the elevator and just laughed so much acting like little kids while the other people in the elevator gave us weird looks and we acted like little kids. After that we skipped to our room and was singing the "wonder pets theme song" Nice and loud for everyone to hear(2am) It wasn't even like we were drunk or anything we for some reason were just so happy. As we were coming up to the door we just started making out and laughing. I put the key in and behold their were Hershey kisses on the floor and he whispered in my ear" follow the kisses" So, that led me in the bathroom and there were rose petals in the shower and a little note that red " Now that, I have kissed the floor you walk on and bathed you with the finest flowers meet me in the bedroom" I walk in the bedroom and there are rose petals on the floor and on the bed, Champagne on the counter and " Pretty wings" playing in the backkground and he was on one knee! I couldn't believe it, I started crying and before he even got the " will you marry me" part out I screamed yes! I was so happy! 4 years of dating!

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  I had only been in America for about 8 months at the time. I wasn't really into relationships, I was what you call a serial dater. I was living with my cousins until I found a place of my own and got a stable job. All of our birthdays had fallen in the same month and were all turning 21 so, they thought why not spend it in Vegas. I had never been so I was excited! So when we got to the hotel and I noticed this really hot guy in the pool witht he rest of his friends and all I kept saying was " Hot damn! " It was like they were just sitting waiting for us.So, I told my cousins to look at the pool and we all raced our way to our room and changed to get in the pool. Thankfully they were still there laughing and smiling and looking sexy. I was playing shy sitting to the side "acting innocent" while my cousins were getting dunked in the water by the men and having fun. Just then Malik came swam up to me, (the cutest one out of the bunch) and asked " Why are you just sitting here?" and I said " I'm not really into all of that" he then laughed and said "wow, I really like your accent" I found out he was there with his Frat brothers for spring break.We talk some more and then he walked me back to the room. For the next 4 days we hung out, went to dinner, and explored Vegas. We found out we had alot in common and that no matter how far apart we lived we still wanted to have a relationship. He lived in North Carolina and I lived in NYC! We wrote letters, spoke on the phone, met each others families and we would go to see each other during holidays and the summer. He finally came around and moved to New York to not only be with me but to live out his dream working with the NYPD! He's my king and i'm his queen. I believe in order to meet mr. right you have to go through the Mr. wrongs

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