Oct 17, 2009

Natalie B. Artistry - Professional Makeup & Hair
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I have to admit that at first I was worried most about Natalie out of all my vendors. I had two trials with her. The first trial turned out fine, except after a few hours I started to break out. I contacted Natalie to let her know and she assured me that she'd bring a new bottle of foundation for the day of. I didn't want to take any chances so I scheduled another trial with Natalie and she was an HOUR late! *eeks* Makeup wise, Natalie was doing a good job, but I hadn't completely made up my mind as to what I wanted yet. The big day came and Natalie was SO INCREDIBLY PERFECT. 1. She contacted me early, but I wasn't ready to start hair and makeup. I was still eating brunch so Natalie was flexible and simply let me give her a call when I was done and she'd be there at my suite. 2. My mother, mother-in-law, and sister looked fabulous. It took 45 minutes for makeup and hair for each gal just like Natalie said it would. 3. My hair and makeup were nothing short of superb. How did it hold up? As the night wore on in the thick, foggy weather (yes, it was a completely outdoor wedding), my hair do did come a little loose, but it wasn't anything that a couple bobby pins couldn't fix. And my make up? With the exception of lipstick, it lasted even through the after party =) Ladies, don't be afraid to let Natalie know what you think about your hair or makeup. Natalie is a great listener and always fixed whatever I or my sister thought was off... even if it was just adjusting the position of an eyelash! Natalie even helped my sister hook those tiny little buttons on the back of my dress. Truly a great vendor to have on your wedding day.
Services used: Beauty & Health

La Tulipe Floral Designs
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I really wish I had gone with another florist. Annie Kim at La Tulipe is super sweet and was always nice to me. However, this review isn't about her character, but her flowers. The centerpieces I got for the price I paid was ridiculous. I feel completely ripped off and of course I'm upset. Yes, still upset. It's been almost a month since my wedding and I still can't get over how my flowers came out. I met up with Annie to get a quote. She quoted me $300 higher than the other preferred florist from my venue. I let Annie know that the prices from the other florist were much lower. Annie replied that if I went with her I'd be getting "quality flowers and quality designs" and sold me on how she'd make everything look beautiful. I still have that email... Anyway, she lowered her initial quote and though higher than the other florist, I decided to go with La Tulipe and trust Annie to do a great job. I wasn't a particularly picky bride and I wasn't a bridezilla at anytime during wedding planning. The only two absolute requiremens I wanted for my flower centerpieces were: 1. I wanted PINK centerpieces with a little bit of yellow (i showed her SO MANY pics) 2. NO GREENS <--- i was very adamant on this However, towards the big day I had to add a few more centerpieces to accomodate extra tables. So to reduce costs, I was a reasonable bride: I agreed to let Annie "make the centerpieces fuller looking" by adding some greens. I was very worried about this and I expressed my concern many times. Each time I was assured that my flowers were going to look great and the greens would be minimal. Not so. My centerpieces were mainly YELLOW with a LOT of green...a really UGLY, DARK GREEN. I'm being truthful here. My centerpieces weren't hideous, but they were NOT NOT NOT NOT what I wanted. And at $125 per centerpiece, I was expecting a LOT more roses. Yes, I only requested roses and hydrangeas!!! But for $125 I got a bunch of hideous greens instead. Saying I was disappointed would be an understatement. Another bad thing about Annie's wedding services was that she charges for a sample of the centerpiece. So instead, I decided to see a sample of all of my flowers which would be free. Annie showed me a mini calla lilly, a cymbidium orchid, hydrangeas, and roses. Great, but I now know that I should've just paid to see what my centerpiece was going to look like. (in my defense, how the heck should I have known? it's not like i had previous wedding planning experience) One star for my bridal bouquet which were the only flowers I was happy with on my wedding day. BM bouquets consisted of only 7 roses and the ribbon that held them together. That was $25 per "bouquet". I hope this review was helpful.
Services used: Flowers