Jan 01, 2014

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When I’m not designing a vast array of custom invitations, programs and reception packages,  I am the stay-at-home mother of two boys. They're teenagers so they spend inordinate amounts of time shouting "what's for dinner!" while I constantly shout back "in a minute!"  They endlessly inspire and exasperate me. I am also married to a really cool guy who thinks I'm pretty (even though I am almost certain I haven't taken a cute photo since kindergarten). He's my very best friend and biggest fan.

2BSquared Designs is a full-scale, professional Graphic Design and Production studio serving customers nationwide. Specializing in beautiful and affordable custom printed paper goods. 2BSquared Designs offers a complete line of custom wedding stationery.


I work with you to create and produce each and every piece, making your purchase from 2BSquared Designs a completely and truly unique original. Mixing and matching of designs is highly encouraged and incredibly easy.

Combine papers, fonts, printing techniques, ink colors, size, embellishments, and more – you can feel confident and free to change nothing or everything!  

Be inspired. View my collection of Signature and Custom Designs – please visit my website to view samples in my Gallery: www.2bsquaredesigns.com