Nov 13, 2009

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Some of our unique adventurous bridal sessions.

Bridals photo 1Bridals photo 2

Bridals photo 3Bridals photo 4Bridals photo 5

Bridals photo 6Bridals photo 7

Bridals photo 8 

Bridals photo 9Bridals photo 10Bridals photo 11 

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Montage Photographers is Houston's Premiere Wedding & Portrait Artists:
We specialize in contemporary photojournalistic wedding photography. We blend the candid emotional images with fashion inspired styles to make you look better than you thought possible. The unique artistic images will capture the romance, the love and all the emotions of your wedding day.

Not only do we create beautiful images of your day but also have a helping hand in making your day stress free and unforgettable.

Inspired by the fashion and urban styles, we strives to deliver the intimate images for our clients while blending their personalities into images that would be worthy of magazines or even album covers. Our blend of style and fun along with fresh spontaneity of random urban locations make for a unique experience that is known as only Montage. Not only do our clients receive images unlike anything they have ever seen, but they are treated to a first class experience.

Why would you skimp on photography when the only thing you'll hold onto is your pictures?? You can compromise elsewhere but don't cheat yourself with poor photography. Of all the things you spend money on for your wedding, pictures are the only thing you will have forever.

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