Mar 30, 2007

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Carina arrived on time, ready to go, and did a stellar job of making my mom, my girlfriend, and me look like rock stars. My makeup held through the night completely and I had no issues with my false eyelashes coming off until I wanted them to which with other makeup artists this has been a problem (however my mom and friend both had a little problem with them poking/sliding which resulted in their eyes watering). I opted to go away from the traditional, natural looking bride approach and went with what we had pretty much used for my boudoir pictures (also done with her) and she was able to accommodate my request with ease.
Services used: Beauty & Health

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( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Kristi was our second shooter for our wedding and we were blown away with her ability to capture our event without feeling like we were being directed or our space was being invaded on. She's down to earth and was a joy to talk to. We cannot recommend her & our main photographer (Serena of Serene Image Photography - both were originally second shooters for Digital Studios) enough! We received all of our professional pictures this last weekend and the attention to detail and the little moments that we hadn't even realized were happening just blew us away.
Services used: Photography

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( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I did my original dress shopping alone I couldnt get my mom to come along with me for a number of reasons. Grace was amazing I came in on a Tuesday morning by myself for my hour appointment and stayed for two. She and the manager played dress up with me to our hearts content because I hadnt given myself a specific idea of what I wanted as my gown. I tried on everything from Amy Michelson to no-name designers (Exclusives who?). They really paid a lot of attention to me and stayed within my budget. I found my dress misplaced on a clearance rack. It wasnt attractive in the bag. I figured Id give it a shot. Im so glad that they helped put together the whole package (veil, sash) because it sold me. When I brought my mom & a girlfriend to make the final decision we werent pressured and the entire process went smoothly even though I ordered rather late. My dress came in two months early. The ONLY unhappy experience I had was during the pickup. We arrived on time and were made to wait so someone buying shoes would be serviced since they were so sorely understaffed the day after Christmas. I had made it VERY clear that all I wanted to do was get in my dress, verify its fit, and get out of there (my parents moved out of state that night and we had a moving van sitting at our house while we were at Mon Amie). Unfortunately she still insisted on putting loads of expensive jewelry on me and pushing flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows and other random things that I didnt need, want, or wouldnt have bought from them anyways. I opted to have my alterations done with a private seamstress (Mahtab) so I saved myself the $350+ I was originally quoted.
Services used: Dress & Attire, Jewelry

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OC's Finest Weddings
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I love these girls. I dont think I would have made it to our wedding day without them. Jennifer was an absolutely invaluable resource during the wedding planning process. She was able to give us referrals and help me know where I needed to be at that point in planning. The rehearsal went smoother than I had expected thanks to her I dont think I had prepped anyone as well as I thought I could have for my two sets of parents dynamics. Our wedding day was well, a challenge. They kept everything going as best as they could given my two families interference, our friends showing up early (way, way early), wedding crashers, my SIL from hell, and the general issues of our venue. Without them we never would have had the wedding - after everything - of our dreams. I cannot recommend them highly enough!
Services used: Unique Services

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HD inVision ~ Hi Definition Videography & Editing
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I had reviewed the demos of at least a dozen different videographers who had our date open and ended up not finding anyone I felt comfortable enough to be there with us on our wedding day. We were very lucky to find HD InVision so close to our wedding date. On our wedding day Robert and his assistant showed up early and were ready to roll. They captured so much footage that we had no idea that they had even gotten... they were everywhere! Because we were such a small, intimate wedding we weren't sure how they'd settle in among our guests but even our friends and family were having a blast with them. We were blown away when on a whim on our honeymoon we checked his website to find our demo video already up. We forwarded it to everyone on our email lists that we could find as it was simply amazing. We couldn't wait to see our video and thankfully we didn't have to wait for long until our video arrived on our doorstep. We were both rolling in laughter and crying so hard by the end of our video we both hurt. His ability to edit the actual video (we also received the raw footage) still blows me away three months after I received it and after at least half a dozen viewings. Its truly a professional, TV-quality piece of work. I can't recommend these guys highly enough. You can view our montage on his sample video page under Kelli & John.
Services used: Videography

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You May Kiss the Bride
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I booked Greg without ever meeting with him based off of my DOC's recommendation & other good reviews. When DH & I met with him a week before the wedding to review the ceremony wording, we were blown away with what an amazing and funny guy he was. He helped us walk through our ceremony wording, verified what we didn't want there, helped us remember some of our longer lines of our vows, and just gave us one hell of an entertaining afternoon. On our wedding day Greg was a calming presence. He met with us before the ceremony to review, to calm us down, and to get us ready to go. He performed the ceremony beautifully and I had the best time watching him crack up during our reading... He was by far one of our most entertaining and easiest vendors to work with.
Services used: Officiant