Oct 16, 2010

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Rhys and I have known each other since grade 3. But he was a friend of my brothers so he was just like an extra big brother. It was years since I had seen him last when he arrived at my 18th birthday party with some mutual friends and at the end of the night when I went to say goodbye he lent down and kissed me (he's almost 7 ft tall!) I was taken by suprise but just put it down to a drunken moment. But the next day he messaged me and we spent the next few weeks texting back and forth. I was unsure of my feelings at the time and it took us 5 long months of dating before we became officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Commitment issues? Noo not me :p Anyway to cut a REALLY long story short... 8 years and two engagement rings later we are finally going to tie the knot and we can't wait!!