Jun 26, 2011

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If we choose to have just the barn area, there are no open flames allowed (understandably). So I'm thinking we'll do something simple for the round tables with wheat sprigs in mason jars (I have a lot of blue mason jars so that might add a fun pop of color?) I have a lot of burlap so I will cut that and put a piece in the middle of each table similar to the second picture below. Our other option is, if we also rent out the other area of our venue, we can have open flame. I already bought tons of tea-lights so those would go in mason jars in the middle of each table at different heights... 


**I have had these images on my computer for a while and have no idea where the majority of the came from, let me know if you want credit!**


Table Setting Decor photo 1

For guestbook table, desert table, other tables I want something summery and rustic like this:

Table Setting Decor photo 2

Table Setting Decor photo 3



Burlap Bunting...YES PLEASE!


I definitely want to hang picture of us throughout the years on twine like this:

Table Setting Decor photo 5


Instead of having programs, we are going to buy a chalkboard and write down the information. We will also use a chalkboard for the dinner menu! (I'm kind of chalkboard obsessed)

Table Setting Decor photo 6


Speaking of chalkboards, we also ordered these manila chalkboard tags off Etsy that we will write each guests' name on and use tie it around their mason jar mugs like this:

Table Setting Decor photo 8


For our mason jars at each table, we ordered these adorable rustic wood table numbers from BraggingBags (Etsy):

Table Setting Decor photo 9

For the table seating chart, I think we're going to try and find an old window pane with the glass and write on it with a "chalk pen:"

Table Setting Decor photo 10




For lighting along the path leading up to the barn, we'll do something like this (simple yet effective):

Table Setting Decor photo 11

We also made lots and lots of DIY bunting. I followed instructions that I found through 100 Layer Cake. All you  need is no se w adhesive, fabric of your choice, twine, an iron, scissors. You cut the strips 1.5-2 inches wide fold them in half. Place the no-sew adhesive in between and iron onto the twine:

Table Setting Decor photo 12


Moss Letters:



Instead of tossing rice or confetti, we will have guests toss birdseed after the ceremony

Template from MintDesignBlog


We will hang mason jars with flowers on shepherd hooks outside for the ceremony like this: 



My bubble girls will blow homemade bubbles down the aisle out of a mason jar like this:



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We're going to have a Photobooth and we are both pretty excited about it, especially when the props come in to play (I can't wait to see those pictures). Photobooths can be pretty expensive... I shopped around and emailed many vendors and just asked if they were running any specials at the time. We ended up booking with Classic Photobooth of Wisconsin. The man who owns the company actually got married a couple of a years ago where we are getting married (talk about a small world!).


Our rental includes:

Unlimited Prints

CD of all of images

1 copy for us, 1 for our guests

Personalized photo-strips

4 hours of service for a grand total of:


Favors photo 1

Favors photo 2Favors photo 3

Photos from Classic Photobooth of Wisconsin


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UPDATE: My previous dress got ruined when I got it altered a week and a half before the wedding. Long story short... I ended up going to David's Bridal with my sister (MOH) and found my dress. I bought a Galina and I was in LOVE. I also got a sash from JCrew instead of the one that came with it. I'm convinced everything happens for a reason because I LOVE LOVE my dress... 



I scored. And when I mean scored, I did BIG TIME! I did not want to spend a lot of money on a wedding dress that I would wear just one time. At the same time, I didn't want to sacrifice quality/style just so I could say I got a good deal. Initially, I ordered a custom dress of Ebay from China for 100.00. I was so excited when I came in the mail, I tried it on and I absolutely hated it. It actually was done quite well, but it just was not for me!


Then... I was browsing online and I saw a wedding dress at J.C. Penny's marked down for 64.99. I couldn't believe it... a wedding dress for 65.00?!!? I actually really liked the style but was skeptical about buying a dress online and getting disappointed again. I ended up ordering it (since I could just return it to the store if I didn't like it) and I got a coupon so it came to 55.00 with free shipping! I love my dress. I'll take a picture when I get back home in June BUT it looks much better on!  It's chiffon, flowy, simple, and SO comfortable! :)


The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2The Dress photo 3


I am also going to have the seamstress add a bow to it like this:

Photo from JCrew

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I will be having my make-up done and want a dewy, natural glow, with smokey eyes and nude lips.

Makeup Inspiration photo 1Makeup Inspiration photo 2



Makeup Inspiration photo 3

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Both the FI & I aren't huge fans of cake. I absolutely LOVE ice cream cake so at first we were thinking we could have ice cream bars or something, but then it's the matter of having enough freezer space, transporting them, the list goes on. We finally decided on doing a Pie Bar which we're very excited about- YUMMY YUMMY IN OUR TUMMIES! It will go perfect with our rustic/barn theme...We'll have about 12 different kinds of pies (sliced in small pieces) so the guests can try more than one...with vanilla ice cream of course!)

Our flavors will be:

Bumble (apple strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry)

Peanut Butter Cup

Mud Pie

Caramel Apple

Caramel Apple Pecan

Blueberry Peach Crumb

Fresh Strawberry



Door County Cherry





Pie Bar yummy yummy photo 1

Photo found at: Love & Lavender

Pie Bar yummy yummy photo 2

Photo found at: Green Wedding Shoes

Pie Bar yummy yummy photo 3


Here's our adorable pie topper that we got from etsy seller OrangeCrushSeattle: 

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I knew flowers were expensive, but I had no idea how flipping expensive they are until I started calling/emailing places a month or so ago. I finally found an awesome  and affordable vendor! She's letting me drop off my mason jars (I've been collecting over the last year or so) and I will have to pick them up the day/night before the wedding. I didn't want to pay to have them arranged and she re-assured me that they would be cold enough.

I want something loose, gardening, rustic for my bouquet & the bridesmaids :) 

P.S. I LOVE billy balls (those are a must in my bouquet)

Flowers photo 1

Photo credit: Cameron Ingalls Photography

I want something similar to this, but with raffia instead of ribbon tied high.


Photo from's bio 

Photo Credit: Eliesa Johnson, Tom De Bruyn & Ryan Ferguson of




Flowers photo 2

The dads, uncles, grandpas will wear something similar to this for their bouts!