Sep 04, 2010

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We ordered our cake topper from seller fliepsiebieps on Etsy. 

We have an inside little connection about elephants and we thought these were perfect. She just sent me some pictures of them finished. We picked a pink bow tie for him and a white bow for my head, and to make him a little taller than me since FI is taller than me!

Cake Topper photo 1Cake Topper photo 2

Cake Topper photo 3Cake Topper photo 4

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Check out my etsy shop at!

Here are a few pictures of my items -

Elizabeth s Collection photo 1Elizabeth s Collection photo 2

Elizabeth s Collection photo 3Elizabeth s Collection photo 4

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I am thinking about getting these for my bridal party... i'm making this post mostly so I don't forget about this! I have to wait til I have the extra cash to buy seven of them ! I am thinkin about getting them grey and white for me. 

bridal party hoodies photo 1

I would probably embroider their names on the front and bling them up somehow.

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Our photographer just posted our e-pic teasers on his blog! Here they are!

Engagement Pictures photo 1

Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3

Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5

Engagement Pictures photo 6

Engagement Pictures photo 7

Engagement Pictures photo 8

Engagement Pictures photo 9

What do you think? When we get the DVD of all the images I'll post more!

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Just created our wedding website -

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I officially have started a wedding blog.... so my mom can keep up with stuff about the wedding even though we live in different cities! check it out at