Nov 17, 2009

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For all of you brides with weddings in 2010, we're announcing our latest special offer - $210 in 2010!

Overview: Get a high-end engagement guest signing album for less than half price (only $210).  This super special lowest-price-ever offer is ONLY good for PW brides.

The details:

  • $210 gets you a custom 20-side 7x10 horizontal guest signing album.
  • Includes custom design and fits 10-20 images.
  • extra 2-side spreads are only $20 each.
  • Includes your choice of leather or silk cover and an inset cover photo.
  • Includes membership to our exclusive referral program where you can earn exciting discounts towards your wedding (or baby!) album.

The fine print:
  • This offer MAY be combined with a referral code if you've received one from another PW bride.
  • To take advantage of the offer, simply pay the $100 deposit (on the pricing page of the website), and then include your PW username in the comments section.
  • To avoid paying rush fees or feeling any undue stress, it is recommended that you place your order AT LEAST 2 months prior to your wedding date.
  • You MUST have copyright permission for any images you submit to I Want My Album.  If your pro photographer has provided you with a DVD of high resolution images, then you likely have permission, but it is always safest to check with them to be sure.



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I Want My Album is run by a husband-wife team of professional photographers.  We felt bad that not everyone could afford our top album packages and figured that there had to be a way to make these awesome albums more accessible. 

We got married only 5 short years ago and still LOVE everything about weddings.  We figure as long as we stay in the wedding business we will stay newlyweds! 

PW is such a awesome place and we WISH something like this were available back when we were planning our wedding.  We're really happy to have such a cool community to be a part of! :-)

I Want My Album Website

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The quick and dirty information you want to know:

  1. We offer super high-end flush-mount professional albums at amazing prices.
  2. We love and cater to PW brides and provide opportunities for special PW discounts and ways to earn free albums.
  3. We are professional photographers and real people, so feel free to message us or be our friend!
  4. Check out our PW vendor page to read a great recent review.

More in-depth info:

Custom high-end flush albums typically start at around $1,500 and go up from there.  If that is out of your budget then your options are limited to lower end albums with soft pages that you have to design yourself.  “I Want My Album” was designed to bridge this gap, and provide the highest quality product available at a price that is attainable by all. 

These albums we make are custom designed by a talented team of professional photographers and designers, are printed using real archival chemical photographic print technology on professional paper at a professional lab, and are hand bound from scratch using traditional bookbinding techniques using the best leathers and silks – all done right here in the USA.  We’ve worked hard to build a business model able to get the price to the brides and grooms down to about 25% of what the average professional photographer charges. So an album that in our professional photography business we would traditionally sell for about $2,000 sells on our new consumer site for about $500.  All with the same quality as before!

This opens up a whole new world to couples who truly value photography and have spent a significant portion of their budget hiring a great photographer.  Those photos deserve to be showcased in an heirloom quality album that will be enjoyed for generations.