Sep 11, 2010

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HOW WE MET We had had mutual friends for years but never crossed paths until Camille was roped into attending Lee's brother's wedding at the last minute. Lee kept leaving his drink at Camille's table throughout the night, forcing him to continue returning to her table ;D. Eventually Lee asked Camille to dance and the rest is history! THE PROPOSAL We took the most amazing trip to Paris and Normandy for two weeks to celebrate both of us finally graduating from college. Lee knew that I would love to get engaged during our trip but convinced me that the timing was not right and it just couldn't happen there. I took the bait hook, line and sinker so six days into our trip during a picnic under the Eiffel Tower I was taken completely by surprise when Lee asked me to marry him! We had gone to visit Versailles earlier that morning and when we finally left Versaille late in the afternoon we were both starving. We decided to grab a bottle of wine and a baguette sandwhich, find a spot in a park and enjoy our lunch. We weren't that familiar with were things were in the city so it took us quite a while to find a grocery store. We picked up a bottle of wine there and I was ready to pick out a sandwhich too, but Lee insisted that we wait to buy one at a Boulangerie. I was hungry and tired of walking but I agreed to wait a bit longer. We walked around for about another half hour before stumbling accross a great market street with lots of sandwhich options. We picked one out and I couldn't wait to find a spot for lunch. That's when Lee pointed out that we didn't have a cork screw for the wine and that he would like to find some wine glasses that said Paris on them. I was really getting grouchy from hunger by this point. I was more than ready to just eat the sandwhich and forget about the wine and corkscrew, but Lee insisted we try to find one. We decided to walk towards the Eiffel Tower where there would be lots of souvenir shops to find the corkscrew and glasses. A good walk later we found some miniature wine glasses that said Paris on them and a little army knife with a corkscrew. Finally it was time to eat! We found a great spot off the main path that overlooked a little pond surrounded by flowers and a beautiful weeping willow. Plus, it had an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower. We sat on a little bench enjoying our sandwhich and wine. When we finished our sandwhich Lee left to use a nearby bathroom (I found out later that this is when he got the ring out of his wallet where he had been carrying it all week wrapped in tissue paper). When he returned I scooted in closer to him so that he could wrap his arm around me. We talked about nothing in particular for a while then he said that he had a question to ask me. I thought he was going to ask what I felt like doing after our picnic or the next day, our last day in Paris before heading to Normandy. I was completely shocked when his question ended up being "Will you marry me?". I turned around to see him holding the ring in his hand and couldn't believe what he had just asked! I asked him if he was serious or if he was joking over and over until finally he asked me if I was going to answer him or not and if I wanted to put the ring on! I answered "Of coarse I will marry you!" and he put the most amazing ring I had ever seen on my finger! I never in a million years expected to get engaged on our trip but it was perfect! We are so excited to be getting married and spend the rest of our lives together!!