Jun 19, 2010

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So would they be called "Shell Girls"? I'm going to change them up to put a little spunk to them!

Flower Girl Shell Pomanders photo 1

So I added a little paint idea courtsy of DreaminBride and a silk flower to the pomanders...My painting sucks but I will see what I can do to fix it...I may trash them! 

Flower Girl Shell Pomanders photo 2  Flower Girl Shell Pomanders photo 3

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My Friends throw an awesome bridal shower for me. I had a blast. The theme was Tea Party (minus the tea lol) mainly for the apparel of the dresses and hats.  Mostly everyone participated in the theme and it was NICE!! The food was great and I loved every moment of it : )

Tea Party Shower photo 1  Tea Party Shower photo 2

I know, I'm crazy                                                       Yum, a sneak peak of what will be at the wedding...

Tea Party Shower photo 3   Tea Party Shower photo 4

Playing Games                                                            High school gal pals Sanchez and Monica(BM)

Tea Party Shower photo 5   Tea Party Shower photo 6

Maid of Honor-Ashley-Matron of Honor                          Mommy & Me

Tea Party Shower photo 7   Tea Party Shower photo 8

Opening Gifts

Tea Party Shower photo 9   Tea Party Shower photo 10

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Ring Bearer Shells photo 1

I wanted something different.  It was pretty cheap and easy to make.  They won't be carrying real rings anyway! (A fact I did not know about until last week)

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Sarasota Garden Club. It was love at first sight : )


Reception Site photo 1  Reception Site photo 2

Reception Site photo 3  Reception Site photo 4

Reception Site photo 5  Reception Site photo 6

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≠≠My Bouquet≠≠ photo 1

It's going to look something like this...I don't know where I got this pic from sorry : (

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We had our engagement party last May at Kahuna Grill in Orlando, FL.  The food & music was so good...


E Party photo 1   E Party photo 2 

Me and 5 of my BM's                                                    Reggie and 5 of his GM

E Party photo 3  E Party photo 4

Me and my Mommie : )                                               The Parental Units

E Party photo 5    E Party photo 6

E Party photo 7    E Party photo 8

E Party photo 9    E Party photo 10

My Twin Cousin : )


E Party photo 11    E Party photo 12

E Party photo 13   E Party photo 14

My FG's