Jun 19, 2010

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My name is Ashley and I'm getting married June 19, 2010 at my favorite place on earth: The Beach! Lido Beach, FL is the location of the ceremony and we will have our reception at the Sarasota Garden Club.  I'm so excited!  I met my fiance Reggie the summer I became a sophomore in college on a rainy day in Tallahassee, FL.  A friend and I were about to walk somewhere but couldn't because it was pouring outside.  Well my friend Rikkia called her friend (Reggie) to pick us up.  I got into the car, said hello and he dropped us off.  That's all I remember about our first meeting! But Reggie tells me he tried to get my attention by telling jokes but I didn't laugh at them (I laugh at all of his jokes now...he's the funniest person I know).  He said he was basically staring at me in his rear view mirror trying to get my attention but I wasn't paying him any attention.  Later he told his best friend that he'd met his wife! He called Rikkia and asked if she would give me his phone number.  Rikkia somehow convinced me to call him and the rest is history!