Nov 07, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
From one anti-bride to all the others out there like me: your hair and makeup are THE most important thing on your wedding day!! I don't love pink, taffeta, fluff and frills~ so you can imagine that I was even less excited about getting my hair and makeup done and marching down the aisle looking like I was styled for prom in the 80's. What I realized: your "look" is not just a detail-- it is the theme, the flavor, the mood-- *you* are the center of attention and you will have that picture on your wall forever! So, I looked long and hard and found the team of amazing, inspiring, incredibly talented women of Fiore Beauty. Jaimi Brooks was totally on it every step of the way-- she even personally arrived for my trial hair-do (*of course* I didn't have any pictures!), and Christina did my hair. I was so impressed by their professional, positive, and fashion-forward ideas that I decided to have Fiore do my whole wedding party. Jaimi set it all up and I didn't have to worry about anything-- Christina arrived early and discreetly worked straight through the craziness of the day. She blended right in with every personality: my lovable princess of an MOH (armed with no less than 10 images, lash extensions, hair extensions, feathers and flowers), my overwhelmed best friend with the hair that couldn't hold a curl, and me who had some more of a vision having had the trial and lots of hair-related counseling from Jaimi. The result: AMAZING!! It was glamorous, chic, un-fussy and felt exactly like me; the best I've ever looked in my life. I loved it-- everyone looked positively incredible!! And most of all, everyone loved the ladies at Fiore. Trust me: you'll want tons of strength, support, and competence surrounding you on your wedding day~ it is worth every penny!!
Services used: Beauty & Health