Oct 16, 2010

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I LOOOOOVVVEEE how our pictures came out. Our photographers, Lyndzee and Roger Ellsworth of EPLOVE are so amazing and their talent is beyond what I ever expected out of a photographer! They were a blast to work with, as you can see by EVERY picture of me (I'm laughing in all of them). They made us feel so at ease and they made us laugh the whole day. They spent so much time with us and really took the time to get every detail right! We LOVE them and can't wait for our wedding pictures!! ::le squeal::

We picked UCR for our place because that is where we met (no, not IN the library) and we just love the Mission Inn. We would've loved to have our reception there but our guest list is ridiculous!

Our Engagment Session photo 1  Our Engagment Session photo 2

Our Engagment Session photo 3  Our Engagment Session photo 4

Our Engagment Session photo 5  Our Engagment Session photo 6

Our Engagment Session photo 7  Our Engagment Session photo 8

For More... check out their blog!!!

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.:The Bride to Be:.

Hi! My name is Joanna! I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and was lucky enough to grow up a traveling Army Brat. I spent a good portion of my childhood living around Germany (and no, I do not remember how to speak it) and traveled to almost every European Country. I moved to California in 1995 and have been here ever since. I graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a BA in Liberal Studies and a Masters in Education. I teach 1st grade at a Title I school. Teaching is my passion and I love it.  I LOVE spending time with my FI (of course), my family, especially my nephew Sebastian, and my friends! I also love to cook, make fun cakes, and plan my wedding!! WHOO HOO!! My vices and my other loves are French Fries and Target!

Let me introduce myself photo 1 Let me introduce myself photo 2 Let me introduce myself photo 3

.:The Groom to be:.

His name is Sergio and he is the sweetest most thoughtful guy I know. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a BA in Political Science. He hopes to go to Law School one day. He currently works for the District Supervisor Gloria Molina and his passion is helping his community as much as he can. He is lucky enough to have the biggest most loving family! He loves to listen to music, go to concerts, salsa dance, and find the best places to eat. Oh yeah, he is a DIE HARD Laker Fan too! He is EXTREMELY involved in our wedding planning and he loves to help with whatever I ask! Perfect pick!!

Let me introduce myself photo 4 Let me introduce myself photo 5 Let me introduce myself photo 6

.:Our CRAZY Pupster:.

His name is Sonic. We named him after the burger joint, the place of one of our first dates. He is the cutest beagle boston terrier around. He loves playing with his red Kong ball and chewing on crunchy stuff. If he could, he'd eat tissue paper all day. He can't wait til Sergio lives with us!!

Let me introduce myself photo 7 Let me introduce myself photo 8 Let me introduce myself photo 9

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I have to be honest. I am not a flower person and I could care less about them actually. My mom feels it's very important to have them, but I'd rather have spectacular food and spend more money on that then flower arrangements. So... I picked these simple ideas.

.:My Bouquet:.-Calla Lillies with touches of blue      .:BM Bouquets:.-Small cluster of blue hydrangeas

Flowers Shlowers photo 1   Flowers Shlowers photo 2

.:Flower Girl:.-white pomander ball                      .:GM Bouts:.-White mini Calla

Flowers Shlowers photo 3      Flowers Shlowers photo 4

.:Centerpiece Uno:.                                           .:Centerpiece Dos:.  (picture taken from JessicaAlex)   

-white and blue hydrangeas in a square vase        -tall vase with manzinita branches and cluster of hydrangeas

Flowers Shlowers photo 5          Flowers Shlowers photo 6

.:Centerpiece Tres:.-candleabra with clusters of baby's breath

Flowers Shlowers photo 7

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I LOVE vintage style. I'm a plain Jane type of girl, but I wish I could dress Anthropologie everyday. The more I looked at vintage weddings, the more I completely fell in love. I think our venue REALLY lends itself to this and our DOC (So Happi Together) has a GREAT eye for vintage flare. Here are some things that I've found that I REALLY love and will probably do for my wedding!!

~Vintage Birdcage as a card box~

That Vintage Feel photo 1  That Vintage Feel photo 2 That Vintage Feel photo 3

-From PW bride-bbexx                                                                  -Mine (Found at Marshalls for $25)    

~Cookie Bar with vintage flares                          ~Paper Pinwheels (From Style Me Pretty)

That Vintage Feel photo 4              That Vintage Feel photo 5

 ~Cool Guestbook/wishes ideas

That Vintage Feel photo 6    That Vintage Feel photo 7

-Suitcase idea from PW's LindEsi                              -My Suitcase from Vintage thrift store in Whittier!

~Our GooseGrey caketoppers from Etsy ($70)                                    ~Fabric for Photobooth

That Vintage Feel photo 8        That Vintage Feel photo 9


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My Dream Team... (I'm filling in as a I go)

  • Wedding Location (City): Pasadena and Downtown Los Angeles
  • Dress Designer: Laurel by La Sposa
  • Bridesmaid Dress Designer: David's Bridal
  • Shoes: Papinas in Easter Sage by Nina
  • Venue: LA Union Station
  • Chavari Chairs- my fingers on this one!
  • Coordinator: Nancy Park (So happi Together) -absolutely LOVE her.
  • Caterer: Il Fornaio- soooo yummy! They are sooo accomodating! 
  • Florist: BellaSposa One Stop Wedding
  • Photographer: Lyndzee and Roger Ellsworth (EPlove)- SO excited to work with these talented Photogs!
  • Videographer: None :-( We will be asking a friend to tripod a camera for us.
  • DJ: John Villa- SUPER Nice and he can definitely get the party started!!!
  • Wedding Cake:
  • Favors:
  • Hair & Makeup: Nicole DeAnne - Her talent is undeniable and I'm sooo happy to have booked her!
  • Hair Flower: PrimandPosies on Etsy- PW very own AnnaBanana. Love my flower!
  • Officiant: Dr. Twining F. Campbell from Wesminster Presbryerian
  • Invitations: Jane- OliveHue Paper Goods- She is so creative and fun to work with!
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Wesminster Presbyterian in Pasadena

Ceremony Site photo 1   Ceremony Site photo 2

**Bonus!! It's already so ornate that we are opting for no decorations! SCORE on saving some money!**