Jul 12, 2009

J&M Entertainment
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I would like to warn other couples of the horrible experience we had with this company. We hired J&M for our wedding since we had seen them at another wedding and really liked the work they had done. After negotiations, they gave us a great discount, and we signed a contract with them. However, on the day of our wedding, some of the things on our contract, such as bubbles, haze, and live video, were missing at the reception. When the DJ was asked why these things were missing, he said the hotel wouldn't allow them. Later when we asked the hotel, they said J&M never asked for permission. After a long conversation with Jorge, the owner of J&M, he finally admitted that they just assumed the hotel wouldn't allow it and had put those things on the contract just to gain our business even though they had no intention of using them. He said he pretty much scammed us because we had "haggled" them for a good deal, which he wasn't happy with. Because of this we don't have a video of our reception either. We believe a wedding is once in a lifetime, and wedding vendors should try to make it a great day instead of intentionally trying to ruin it just because they aren't happy with the deal they gave. Furthermore, J&M refused to refund us the money for the things that were missing at our wedding.
Services used: DJ, Lighting & Decor, Videography