Aug 19, 2011

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We have a house and I am so excited about it!! This is our first time living together in the almost 4 years we have been together. We have to fly back to NJ for the wedding, so wedding planning has been a little hectic.


We have 5 bedrooms and 4 full baths (talk about a lot of cleaning!). Pics of my new "baby" are below.

The front:

Our house in GA photo 1

Our house in GA photo 2

Our house in GA photo 3


The back:

Our house in GA photo 4

Our house in GA photo 5

The kitchen:

Our house in GA photo 6

Our house in GA photo 7

Our house in GA photo 8

Our house in GA photo 9

Our house in GA photo 10

Master bedroom and bathroom:

Our house in GA photo 11

Our house in GA photo 12

Our house in GA photo 13

Our house in GA photo 14

Our house in GA photo 15

Our house in GA photo 16 butler's pantry in our bedroom.


Our house in GA photo 17 fireplace

Our house in GA photo 18 view of upstairs catwalk

Our house in GA photo 19 view from front door

Our house in GA photo 20 view from Master bedroom doors

Our house in GA photo 21 laundry room

Our house in GA photo 22view of both staircases

Our house in GA photo 23 living room/office

Our house in GA photo 24 deck with me and realtor on it.

Our house in GA photo 25patio underneath deck.

Our house in GA photo 26 family room

Our house in GA photo 27 family room view from kitchen.

Our house in GA photo 28 dining room.

Our house in GA photo 29 view of downstairs from upstairs catwalk.

Our house in GA photo 30 one of the bedrooms.

Our house in GA photo 31 another bedroom.

Our house in GA photo 32 one of the bathrooms.



As you can see from all of the pics I posted, I'm in LOVE with the place! Of course, we have furniture in it now, but we have a lot more decorating to do. 


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We've seen the final sample of our invitation, and we are IN LOVE! It is exactly what we both wanted. Here are the pictures that our stationery designer took:


Invitation photo 1     Invitation photo 2

Invitation photo 3     Invitation photo 4

Invitation photo 5     Invitation photo 6

Invitation photo 7     Invitation photo 8

Invitation photo 9     Invitation photo 10

Invitation photo 11     Invitation photo 12

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So FI and I have been working like maniacs to get our STDs out. They are going out a little later than I'd like for them to, but we love them anyway! They are puzzle magnets that our stationery designer designed. We then sent them out to China to be made into puzzle manets. I have to say that I was overly pleased with the final product. We are mailing them out in cute little boxes. FI's job was to assemble the purple boxes, an my job was to glue the picture onto the silver boxes. The silver box will go inside the purple box with tissue paper as a cushion in the extra space in the purple box. It was a LOT of work! 


Here are the pictures that our stationery designer took:


STD s photo 1     STD s photo 2


STD s photo 3     STD s photo 4


STD s photo 5     STD s photo 6



Below are the pictures of us getting everythin ready:


STD s photo 7     STD s photo 8


STD s photo 9     STD s photo 10

STD s photo 11     STD s photo 12

STD s photo 13     STD s photo 14



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We took our engagement pictures in the fall of 2010. Our photographers are from Philly and we live in NJ. When I met them at a bridal show, I just knew that they had to be our photographers. Here are a few of the pictures they took. 

Engagement Pic Tease photo 1   Engagement Pic Tease photo 2    Engagement Pic Tease photo 3


Engagement Pic Tease photo 4     Engagement Pic Tease photo 5


I am in love! I think that I am going to have our photographers create an album with all of our e-pics after the wedding.

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On Monday, 11/30/2009, my mother told me that she was going to take the kids Christmas shopping being that they wanted to buy me and James gifts this year. My girlfriend Jasmine has been having issues at work for the past few weeks. She called me stressed on Monday, 11/30/2009, and asked if I would go out to dinner with her to talk and relieve some stress. I told her Wednesday would be perfect because my mom was taking the kids Christmas shopping on Wednesday.

After waiting about an hour for her to come get me, we arrived at Olive Garden around 7:30 (our first date was at Olive Garden). We walked in and Jasmine told the host that she had a 7:30 reservation. We waited for the host to go check on our table. She came back and told us that our table was ready. Jasmine and I followed her to a room in the back of the restaurant, and when we walked in the room, everyone yelled "SURPRISE!!!!!" I was super shocked! My parents were there, James' mom and sister, my brother and sister and my nephews and nieces, along with our children. There were also two of our close friends there, Jelandre and Jasmine.

I dropped my purse and started crying. The kids came out of the corner holding a huge poster James made with pictures of us and him and the kids in the middle. One end said "Shaunnie will you marry me?", while the other end said "He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22". The tears were pouring from everyone at this point, including the waitresses who were watching! Our first date was at the same Olive Garden.

James proceeded to grab my hands and tell me how much he loves me; how much he loves our kids; how much he loves my spirit. He told me how the past two years of his life have been 2 of his best years and how he thanks God for me everyday. In front of both of our families, he got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said YES!

After tears, hugs and kisses were shared by everyone, dinner was served! 



Here are pictures of the poster that James made the week before he proposed. I just love it!

Surprise Engagement photo 1Surprise Engagement photo 2

Surprise Engagement photo 3Surprise Engagement photo 4

Surprise Engagement photo 5This was before I got there.


Surprise Engagement photo 6James showing off the ring before I got there. I heard he was SO nervous and sweating bullets before I arrived! LOL


Surprise Engagement photo 7I was so shocked I dropped my purse on the floor! It stayed there for almost 30 minutes before I remembered it was there.


Surprise Engagement photo 8We're both criers! I can only imagine what the wedding day will be like.


Surprise Engagement photo 9Of course I said yes!!


Surprise Engagement photo 10   Surprise Engagement photo 11


Surprise Engagement photo 12I have 3 children from a previous relationship. James is the only daddy that they know, and he has taken them on 100%. They are super excited for the wedding also.


Surprise Engagement photo 13   Surprise Engagement photo 14


Surprise Engagement photo 15 I had to include pics of the ring! I am so in love with it! It is a 3 carat bridge style princess cut ring. He did such a good job!




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I have been a member of PW for a long time, but for some reason, I have never thought about creating a bio. As my date draws closer, I guess I'm inspired as I look through others' bios. My fiance is named James, and we have known each other since 1992. We have been attending the same church since then. We've been friends forever, and never looked at each other in that romantic kind of way. We both sing, so when we both joined a certain choir about 4 yeas back, we started hanging out more often. That's when we started looking at one another in a new light. 


Our wedding is August 19, 2011, and we are super excited!! Hopefully, I will be able to keep this page updated with all of my wedding things that will occur between now and August.