Jun 25, 2011

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What can I say other than I am super excited!  My fiance and I actually got engaged just recently on July 30, 2009 on Balboa Island in California.  He proposed during our engagement pictures!  (I knew it was coming, I just didn't know exactly when.)  We have been doing the long distance thing ever since we met and officially started dating.  He lives in Long Beach, CA and I'm up north in Spokane, WA.  It makes things interesting but totally worth seeing him whenever I get the chance. 

Him and I are totally compatible.  We have so many similar interests, we never have to wonder what we want to do.  The problem comes in deciding what to do since we're both super indecisive!


Well, even though this says the wedding site is Seattle, it's actually in Spokane, WA.  Apparently Spokane isn't a big enough city (250,000) to be recognized on this site. Wedding date is tentatively set for June 25, 2011.  Luckily we have a ton of time to plan!  I know a lot of what I want, but just need to get it put on paper!

In other news, I am new to this site and don't really know what else to post, so please bear with me!