Aug 09, 2010

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After spending months and months of planning everything came together so wonderfully.  Without PW I would have never been able to pull this off.  I hope you enjoy the details as much as I enjoy loking at them :)


The Details photo 1 Our invitations without the RSVP card (because it was already sent to me).

The Details photo 2 Our DIY wedding bottles

The Details photo 3 Our escort "cards". They were hanging on a board on an easel and I was extremely happy with the way it turned out.

The Details photo 4 These were so fun to make!  I am now a huge fan of power point!

The Details photo 5 Our favors...  homemade cookies.  mmmmm

The Details photo 6 place settings including our kissing menus and out DIY place cards

The Details photo 7 My garters (and my something blue) by LollieCouture on etsy.

The Details photo 8 My Mrs. Sweatshirt.. although I really didn't wear it the day of because it was so HOT out!  By michealangela I love this sweatshirt and wear it all of the time!

The Details photo 9 my hanger was a gift from blustarfruit <3

The Details photo 10 My MOH (pictured) and I DIYed all of the BMs hairflowers.

The Details photo 11 I love this picture of Ryleigh's accessories (my daughter/flowergirl)

The Details photo 12The Details photo 13The Details photo 14 My jewelry which is still one of my favorite etsy purchases.  I highly recommend this seller... LuluSplendor!!!


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ok so these are LONG overdue but here they are!!!

Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 1Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 2Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 3Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 4

Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 5Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 6Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 7Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 8Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 9Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 10Pro Pics Getting Ready photo 11

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NON PROS Reception photo 1NON PROS Reception photo 2

Here are a couple pics from our formals and wedding party shots

NON PROS Reception photo 3

My Reception hair... Love it!

NON PROS Reception photo 4NON PROS Reception photo 5NON PROS Reception photo 6 Our first dance

Then my daughter decided to steal the show :) lol

NON PROS Reception photo 7

NON PROS Reception photo 8Our reception tables

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NON PROS Ceremony photo 1

The amazing decorations that that dad made for the ceremony!

NON PROS Ceremony photo 2NON PROS Ceremony photo 3

My sweet daughter Ryleigh making her big appearance.

NON PROS Ceremony photo 4

Walking with my Daddy!

NON PROS Ceremony photo 5

My groom <3

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NON PROS Getting Ready photo 1NON PROS Getting Ready photo 2My MOH Sara did all of th girls hair including my daughters and my moms and did an AMAZING job!NON PROS Getting Ready photo 3NON PROS Getting Ready photo 4NON PROS Getting Ready photo 5

NON PROS Getting Ready photo 6NON PROS Getting Ready photo 7

I did just about everybody's make up (including my own of course) which ended up working out perfectly for me becuase it kept me focused and relaxed and BUSY.  If I was just sitting around waiting I think that I would have drove everyone NUTS :)

NON PROS Getting Ready photo 8

Excited that my groom arrived!


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NON PROS Details photo 1NON PROS Details photo 2

Our cake that my very talented Aunt made!  And the cake stand was made by my BIL :)


NON PROS Details photo 3

The table scapes half completed

NON PROS Details photo 4

Our floral arrangements

NON PROS Details photo 5

Each ceremony chair had a tears of joy packet and a petal fan program

NON PROS Details photo 6

So proud of my programs!

NON PROS Details photo 7

Not the greatest picture but this is the escort cards...