Mar 06, 2010

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My first DIY of 2010 photo 1 Flower girl wristlet My first DIY of 2010 photo 2 Jumping Broom. I'm thinking of adding a little more sparkle to it. I'll update if I do.


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I decided to maximize my long weekend and get some DIY things done.

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Thanksgiving DIY photo 1 

Flower girl Headband

I modeled it before I was finished putting the stones on it.

Thanksgiving DIY photo 2Thanksgiving DIY photo 3Thanksgiving DIY photo 4

Corsage mockup

I will be using real flower, but this gives you an idea. I just made all the feather accents for the boutonnieres and the corsages.

Thanksgiving DIY photo 5Thanksgiving DIY photo 6


Also will have a real rose. Artificial carnations were just on hand.

Thanksgiving DIY photo 7


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Update 1/24/2010

The below shoes are on backorder. So, I had to buy new ones. I got these by Nina.

My Wedding Day Look photo 1

Update 01/13/2010

I ordered my shoes.


Update 01/05/2010:

I bought a bracelet. This completes all of my jewelry for my wedding day look.

My Wedding Day Look photo 2

I am not posting a photo of my dress, but it is a very simple Aline gown. I will be getting it altered to a mermaid like fit.

Hair Inspiration

My Wedding Day Look photo 3 Source

My Wedding Day Look photo 4Source

Makeup Inspiration

My Wedding Day Look photo 5Source

My Wedding Day Look photo 6 Source

My Wedding Day Look photo 7Source

My Wedding Day Look photo 8Source



I want a semi-dramatic eye, with a natural look on the rest of my face.


I received my jewelry 2 days ago and I'm in love.

My Wedding Day Look photo 9My Wedding Day Look photo 10

I've been having some bad hair days. Once those are done, I will take photos with these on.


I decided I wanted a drop veil with lace. I had my veil custom made. I have not received my veil yet, but it was mailed today.

My Wedding Day Look photo 11


I haven't found the perfect shoes, so I'm still searching. I'm torn between wearing a pretty teal colored shoe and a rhinestone shoes.


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I don't know what happened in December 2008, but things took a different turn. He decided that he wanted a "test" relationship. I felt that was a decent compromise.  In a short amount of time, we grew very close.

February 4, 2009, LeLand asked me to marry him.  I honestly didn't take him seriously.  I wanted to marry him, but I thought he was just asking because he was riding on emotions from having surgery that day. (LeLand had four eye procedures  from January 16-February 4th). I didn't even tell people we were engaged until over a month later.

We don't have a heartfelt story for our engagement story, but its all our own. So, that's our story and I'm sticking to it.

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I was in turmoil over not being able to find a MOB dress within a certain price range. Then I found one! My Mom is short so I know any dress we purchase will require a hem. I was casually browsing on DB looking for a flower girl dress, and ran across a beautiful dress that is perfect. She will be using the fabric from the bottom for cap sleeves. We have also considered a lace or chiffon bolero.

This will be nice since she doesn't really like her arms out. I thought it would be nice for her to be able to "wow" my Dad. I'm so excited. He won't see what she is wearing until he hands me off and turns around. You would have to know my Mom to really understand. She is super conservative and never dresses up. This is may be one of my only opportunities to get a really nice photo of my parents that I can frame for my house, and give them framed as a gift. I'm so excited.

Anyway, here's the photo of the dress.

Strapless taffeta bubble hem ball gown with ruching and beading at waist. photo credit

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Update: After my date changed, apparently my baker did not change the date in their system. This caused me to choose a different baker. It was through this tragedy that I found another baker that would do my dream cake for $100 less than the original smaller cake( I know that's over dramatic)

New Cake Inspiration

I ordered my cake photo 1 It will look very similiar to this one, but without the flowers. They will be replaced with my beautiful peacock. There is also the possibility of adding ribbon to all the layers.

It will be closer to this one in look, but the size above.

Cake, Wedding, Cakes, Simon lee bakery

I ordered my cake yesterday. The tasting was so fun to do. I actually expected it to be more of a chore than fun. It was especially fun since my FFIL went with us. We have largely been doing a lot of planning without much input from others. I decided to do a mockup of my cake to take to the baker since she has several pictures that I asked her to combine. This way, there will be no question as to what I expected. I'll update more about the cake later.

                                           I ordered my cake photo 2