Jun 19, 2010

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These are all things that I would love to have in my wedding but probably won't in the end.

In a perfect world photo 1

Edible Sugar Diamonds for Cake--  PACK OF 168 for $49.95


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(work in progress)


Dress/Veil- Bridals by Elena

Location: St. Mary's City

Caterer: Debbie's Catering

Photographer: What We See Photography


Flowers: DIY... thank you Michaels

Officiant: Rev. Shawn Holcomb, Crossroad Christian Church

Cake: Sherry's Cakes and Bakes

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We have rings! I don't have a picture of my band... but it will be the same chanel set diamonds matching my E-ring. Below are some pictures of my ring that I took waiting for our Epix... I should have had my ring polished before hand!

Ring my bell photo 1   Ring my bell photo 2

                                                 Ring my bell photo 3


                                                        Ring my bell photo 4



FI decided to go with "knife edge" for his ring.

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E Session photo 1 E Session photo 2 E Session photo 3    E Session photo 4

E Session photo 5     E Session photo 6  E Session photo 7

E Session photo 8  E Session photo 9

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Flowers! So I have struggled with flowers for a long time.. I wanted sunflowers but they seemed too casual for a black/white wedding. Finally, I decided I didn't care and that the pop of color would go a long way. I'm having pomanders line the aisle for the ceremony and my FG carry a smaller version. I will be using silk flowers and DIYing them.

I will be adding polka dotted ribbon.

DIY instructions here

He loves me he loves me not photo 1


My bouquet

trial 1: the lillies are out of control. I need to move them but otherwise, these are my flowers. BMs will just have sunflowers in theirs. Not sure about the wrap yet. BM will have initial monogram charms that I DIY'ed too.

He loves me he loves me not photo 2



Will have a single sunflower (smaller version) for a boutineer and will have polka dot wrap like this



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Location Location Location photo 1 Location Location Location photo 2 Location Location Location photo 3


Location Location Location photo 4