May 18, 2013

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we finally found something!!

after looking at quite an amount of place we finally found something that has pretty much all of the things we want!

  • spacious, sth that fits our party well and leaves enough space for some dancing and stuff
  • in the area :-)
  • a certain amount of rooms close by for all the oot guests (petty much all) + affordable room prices
  • affordable

only thing I was not into at first is the country- look (esp. the chairs, but with some decoration it will get festive Im sure

and here it is

the venue photo 1the venue photo 2

 the arrangement looks a little different now, because they now have antique tables and chaires which are larger. Unfortunately they do not allow us to but covers on the chairs (who would have thought that...) but we will do what we can. The DJ Team will also bring extra indirect lightning.


It turned out so much nicer than I could have imagined. The owner were a little difficult, but it was all worth it.

for some reason the green organza runner does not show up on the table...but its there :-)


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I finally got around of creating two versions of the save the date card. Here in germany it is not very common, but because we want to celebrate on a holiday weekend (and my cousin -and mother of my gods son- already said, they wont come) I want to make sure as many as possible can manage to come.

Ok, so here are the two:

save the date photo 1

save the date photo 2

I will print it out and decide which one we actually use.

btw, the pics were taken at a photo booth at franks company summerfest and we really liked them.

no need for extra spending, we think :-)

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oh boy...we look so young

Frank and I (being 20 and 22 years) met for the first time at the university at an information meeeting for foreign internships during studies. He as a listener, as he already was planning a longer stay abroad, and I as a speaker and, because I worked alongside my studies for that a student organization that organizes placements abroad.
During the planning of his stay abroad, we had always seen us occasionally. Finally, at a preparation workshop, we had some time to get to know us better. We sat for hours on the swings at a nearby playground and talked all night about everything under the sun. However, we were aware that he was about to go on this long internship in India and therefore we both did not want to speak not about our feelings. At another meeting where we were looking for jobs abroad together, but then we kissed and we both immediately knew that this would probably not be easy, but we rather wanted to be together apart than not together at all. As early as 4 weeks after, he started the internship. We were in contact all the time and we knew the time had not changed our feelings. So I booked a flight at the end of the internship, traveled with him for one week and then we flew together backto Germany. It is now seven years ago and we have overcome a several long-distance months troughout this time. Finally, we live together, work in the same city and will be married soon.

our last vacation in Irland

he played non-pro football until late year, I joined the cheer squat and now the staff. In his very last game 3 fingers had compound fractures....however the ringfinger is still intact for the wedding band

the only wedding we have been together (his one and only, the next will be ours :-) )

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I really really want to have a candy bar (well, I am just a sweet tooth) So, I already researched on candy that goes with our color scheme. That was harder than I thought it would be. This is what I came up with:

general idea:

Candy bar photo 1         Candy bar photo 2


Candy bar photo 3 jelly apple loops (check) Candy bar photo 4hard candy (couldnt find those)


Candy bar photo 5sugar coated chocolate (check) Candy bar photo 6little chocolates


Candy bar photo 7 pop-rocks-balls (apple)Candy bar photo 8sugar-coated licorice (check, however, it tastes aweful)

Candy bar photo 9again apple flavor, decided we dont need those.

well, we'll see what else to find.

Why is all green candy with apple flavor? please...

found something...gum balls with water melon flavor (they also look like water melon)




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wohoo, we booked the photographer. I knew I wanted him even before we got engaged and the booking was one of the first things we did. His pics are awesome, I comes from the town we will get married and the prices is comparably low.

If you want to have a look: (gallery if you click on the button in the left corner of the pics.)

selection of pics I would like to have (once again, please let me know if i did not give you credit, I am more than willing to do so)

picture inspiration photo 1

picture inspiration photo 1

picture inspiration photo 2            picture inspiration photo 3

picture inspiration photo 5

picture inspiration photo 4

I would love to have the first look..if possible with the back of the dress also in the pic

picture inspiration photo 2a classic picture inspiration photo 3 the ringspicture inspiration photo 4

picture inspiration photo 5this or that picture inspiration photo 6 most probably option 1 (easier and more festive)

picture inspiration photo 7picture inspiration photo 8ashley9


the hands

lose how you see both rings and it still looks natural somehow.sorry for the bad quality but I did not have this one digital and had to scan it.

 a good friend of mine. for the casual party he had this hat, which shows much of his personality and I love the profile shot.


 here again a couple-profile shot




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As almmost every other girl....I am addicted to shoes. So, of course I love to search for The ones.

Before I came to pw I was quite sure that I wanted a classical white shoe, which is closed in front. (because for some reason I don't like by big toe)

I also want them rather high...because my FI is a big guy and I dont want him to crouch down on the pics. These might give me the option to have a second pair for dancing :-) yeah

plus I might get a third pair for the official ceremony :-)

I found these

my addiction shoes photo 1my addiction shoes photo 2

my addiction shoes photo 3

However, now I am pretty sure that I want colored shoes because it would be so much more me and a nice eye-catcher. So here are my new inspirations. I love the first one. However, it could be a little brighter.

my addiction shoes photo 4                               my addiction shoes photo 5still searching


found and ordered them. They are just too cool. I found them on ebay. They are never worn and have the perfect color satin-purple. They are pretty high but still feel great and comfortable. However, I broke my little rtoe on the right and so I can not really try them on.

In this right pic they look stained but thats just because of the reflection. I might add a brooch on top...but not sure about it.