Aug 28, 2010

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This would be lovely.  I'm gonna try this, and see how long my hair will stay curled.

Hair photo 1

Maybe change it up for the reception, and wear my hair half up/half down?

Hair photo 2

Or side ponytail?

Hair photo 3Hair photo 4

Really like this look too!

Hair photo 5Hair photo 6

These look nice too.

Hair photo 7Hair photo 8

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Inspiration - square!!  I love this because of the blue peaking out, and squares are super modern :)  I want to put star shapes instead of the leaves on mine.

Update: Talked to my baker, he will be doing pink stars and making me a chocolate star cake topper!  A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!

Cake photo 1  Cake photo 2

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When I first started thinking about centerpieces, the first thought that popped into mind was "crystal tree".  I saw them at all the Bridal Expos and all over magazines.  So, I started collecting vases from various co-workers (yay for free glass vases!).  My dad also just trimmer his tall bushes, so there were plenty of branches for me to use.  I filled a sample vase with sand from the beach, and stated creating my crystal tree using beads from Walmart and Martha Stewart pom poms made out of pink vinyl table cloth.

This is what it looked like.

Centerpiece Inspiration photo 1  Centerpiece Inspiration photo 2

Centerpiece Inspiration photo 3  Centerpiece Inspiration photo 4

Things were going great... and then I realized... the vases were too short.  If I used these, my guests would have this vase directly eye-level to them and will not be able to see across the table!  AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!  And to make matters worse, my parents left the trimmed branches unprotected in the backyard.  Yes, bugs and MOLD started to invade the pile.  We had to scrap all of it.  *cry*

Now this is my new inspiration!  The centerpieces, not the table  :)  Going to use some of my stars on the strands since I have a "star" theme.

Centerpiece Inspiration photo 5  Centerpiece Inspiration photo 6

After seeing these on joandcompany's bio, I'm thinking of maybe making one huge flower to top my centerpieces.  Haha, here's me playing with Photoshop.

Centerpiece Inspiration photo 7  Centerpiece Inspiration photo 8

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At first, I wanted these colors.

Colors photo 1

Then it morphed to something more like this...

Colors photo 2

I think my final color combination will be this (with bits of greenery here and there):

Colors photo 3

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Yay!  I think these are it.  I'm planning on e-mailing these to most of the guests.  My mom wanted to mail some, so I gave her the file to bring to Kinkos to print and mail herself (I fit 4 of these on one 8.5" x 11" piece of off-white metallic cardstock).  Gives her something to do -- I'm happy, she's happy.  Win!!

Tip: Stationary vs. Stationery - "e" stands for envelope :)

Save the Date

Save the Dates photo 1

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Oh no!!  I've become a 2 dress girl!  I went to David's Bridal on Sunday to look for bridesmaids dresses... ended up buying another wedding gown.  BUT!!  This one fit me perfectly - size 10 (my other one still had to tuck and squeeze my rolls of fat).  It's not lace like I've always wanted, but I did get a lace veil -- so I guess that's where my lace will be.  It also does not have a chapel length train, and it is a ballgown!!  OMG, I never thought I would buy a ballgown, but it just looked stunning.  Will post pictures later since even the David's Bridal website doesn't have it listed yet.

I like that purple bridesmaid dress style... need to find out if they have it in blue or pink.  My MOH (lil' sis) is soooo skinny.  That was like a size 4 and it was still waaay too big for her.

Bought Another Gown photo 1Bought Another Gown photo 2

Bought Another Gown photo 3Bought Another Gown photo 4