Aug 29, 2009

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Oh the Budget word.. UGH! I have never been a huge fan of that word however I was given one.  I had always dreamt of being able to pay for my own wedding however, being a single mother and living paycheck to paycheck did not exactly allow that.  So my parents started me with a budget of $10,000.00... Lets see how this is going to work out!

Venue~ which includes the beach ceremony site and puttering park = $1500.00

Dress~ Marissa dress, veil, hair fascinator, and alterations = $2700.00

Shoes~ Liz Claiborne ivory shoes= $50.00

Food~ 4 stations which is to include cake= 65.00/ person. As of 08/25/2009= 65 x 81= $5200.00

Alcohol~ My FI and I wanted to give our guests the ability to drink what they would like. We opted for an open bar.  $33.00/ person. 81x 33= $2,673.00

Total so far: $12,123.00

*So at this point we realized the budget wasnt going to cut it.. So we up'd it to $20,000.00~Cross your fingers!!

Bridal Party Rooms- $3500.00

Flowers, linens, setup, and coordinator fees~ $7,000.00

Rentals~ tables, chairs,etc= $2500.00

Generators~ $700.00

BM gifts and GM gifts- $1,000.00

Total: $14,700.00+$12,123.00= $26,823.00 Well we came a little over budget.. but having a destination wedding cost us a little more then expected! All is good.. its going to be a beautiful day!

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My dear ol' FI and I are huge "beach" people. After we got engaged, we decided that the beach would be the best place to exchage the I DO's.  Ill be honest at first, I wasnt so excited about literatly standing on the beach.. I could just imagine being in this really expensive gown and getting it dirty from the sand! However, I have gone with his wish and we will be getting married barefoot on the beach..  And here "Watersound"

WaterColor Inn & Resort, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - Family Vacation Destination on Florida's Gulf Coast close to Destin, FL

** if you or anyone else is interested in learning more about the area.. please feel free to check out**

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Alex and I are so honored to have our most favorite people in our wedding!!! Here they are :)

Vanessa- my MOH    Jessica- my Matron of Honor    Paula- My best friend since 12

                                                                                                                               Mary- Bridesmaid

Meet The Bridal Party photo 1        Meet The Bridal Party photo 2       Paula Hudson         Meet The Bridal Party photo 3   Ashley Jones Ashley- My future sister/bridesmaid    and then there is Allyson.. I dont have a picture of her but she is Alexs sister!!!

The Groomsmen~

Ryan aka Stifler                 Channing                                     Courtney                                           

Meet The Bridal Party photo 4   Channing Donald     Courtney Donald   Ryan Weaver Ryan.. my little bro! Then we have Josh and Hunter which I dont have pics yet!!!

Thats our Bridal Party!!! We will make great pictures :)

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1.) Place Cards- ordered, filled out, and decorated

2.)Table Numbers

3.) Rehearsal Dinner List

4.) Intenairys - print and package

5.) Welcome bags- bags, stamps, tissue paper, ribbon, stuff for them... *bottle of water *cookies* beef jerky*intenairys*pamplets from the area* contact number list

6.) Signature Drink

7.) Parasols for Grandmothers and mothers~ and the tags for them

8.) paint brushes for the guests to wipe sand off of their feet after ceremony

9.) Groomsman Gifts

10.) double verify appointment at Salon and times- set up for caterer to be at the Salon.. aka Beach Butler

11.) Luggage and clothes for HM

12.) Shoes for gown

13.) Jewelry

14.) Giftbags for BM, GM, and parents gifts

15.) Return both sets of shoes since neither fit

16.) Card box

17.) Email to follow up with BM and GM about arrival dates/times and alteration checks

18.) Gift to Caleb from us

19.) Picture Frames for parents gifts

20.) Bathroom baskets.. mints, hairspray, mints, chaser pills, kleenex, wet wipes, deodarant, bobby pins, hair ties, etc

21.) Groom Gift

August 29th here we come... ahhh!


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After 4 months of contemplating honeymoon spots we finally have decided and it is booked....(drum roll please..!!!)

We are going to the Ritz Carlton San Juan, Hotel and Casino.. in Puerto Rico!!!

We are so super excited, the pictures look amazing and the price for out 6 days and 5 night vacation was unbeatable!!! 

heres the link..

Stay tuned for pictures after September 6th!!!

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My FI loves the curly no fess look so I going to attempt to try this at the wedding! here are some inspirations that I have come across! So we shall see..

Hair Ideas up or down photo 1Hair Ideas up or down photo 2Hair Ideas up or down photo 3Hair Ideas up or down photo 4